mt baker theatre gala

The Mt. Baker Theatre is a performing arts venue in Bellingham.  Every year they have a fund-raising gala to raise money for the organization.  This year was a very special as they were re-opening after a large remodel. They kicked off the season with a gala and entertainment by Bernadette Peters.  

My company is hired to do the decor for this event.  Unfortunately I can’t take much credit for the design elements this year- Hannah and Steve (my talented co-workers) are the creative brains behind this year’s Spanish themed decor.  I contributed some to the floral arrangements as well as the set-up.  Here’s how it turned out:


These paper panels were custom made for the event and paired with accordion folded tissue paper circles in orange and red.


The flowers were a mix of red, orange and Circus roses (both red and orange).  They were set in silver containers and paired with these orange plates from Pottery Barn for a punch of color.



The printed materials (including the panels) were designed by Brittany of Dolce Design.



One response to “mt baker theatre gala

  1. Kevin B.

    This looks very interesting and definitely a gala I would like to attend. Bernadette Peters is an impressive performer I’ve heard.

    I’m going to have to try making marshmallows sometime. I know you find that hard to believe but I’ve probably surprised you before.

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