put a little love in your home

I bought some felt around Christmas that I was hoping to cut snowflakes from and make garland.  Well…the felt turned out to be too thick and I couldn’t cut enough out to make snowflakes so I thought I’d wait for Valentine’s Day and make heart garland instead.  

Here’s my Valentine Heart Garland DIY, but feel free to add your own creative flair.  (cut your hearts with pinking shears, add glitter, etc)



Sewn Heart Garland


3 sheets felt, I used 3 colors- red, pink and hot pink

Spool 1/4″ thick Grosgrain Ribbon

Contrasting thread



Sewing Machine

1.) Fold felt in half and use scissors to cut 1/2 of a heart from felt.  Unfold for complete heart.  Cut multiple hearts from felt.  My hearts were various sizes and shapes about 3″ average diameter.



2.) Place heart on grosgrain ribbon.  Space evenly.  I used a varying pattern of colors.  Pin heart onto ribbon using 2 stick pins. Repeat with hearts until desired length is achieved.



3.) Using the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine, feed the ribbon and hearts through the machine.  Make sure the stitch catches the ribbon and the felt heart.  Remove pins as needed.


4.) Hang garland around the house in festive areas. Ta-da! 🙂





I know, the Valentine’s Day tablecloth and the pink cake stand (I don’t have kids yet so it can’t come out for birthday parties) is also a little out of control, but if you got it flaunt it! 🙂 

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


4 responses to “put a little love in your home

  1. Mark Buechler

    Really crafty good work!

  2. Kevin Buechler

    Very cool.

  3. Hannah

    Hey miss, I finally started the blog and posted photos, in case you forgot the address here it is, http://www.cabeandhannah.blogspot.com

    Miss you!

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