april celebrations

The month of April is one of my favorite months in the year (rivals Christmas, yes, I know Christmas isn’t a month) because it is chalk full of special days to celebrate.  The month is full of birthdays for friends and family including my own! I hit the quarter century mark this year and celebrated with a few of my fabulous friends at my favorite pizza joint and then we went out for a little dancing Bellingham style. I thought I’d share a few photos from the night: 




This past weekend the husband and I also celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  We got married one year ago April 12!  BJ surprised me with a trip to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.  We flew in a tiny little plane over to the island  and stayed at the resort for the weekend. It was a great trip to celebrate our first year of marriage.

dscn17561This was the plane we took.  There were 4 passengers and a pilot.  The photo below is the view from my window. 


dscn1809I had huckleberry pancakes for breakfast that turned my tongue and teeth purple! 🙂

Happy birthday to…Dad, Amy, Caleb, Erin, Cindy, and Michelle!  and Happy Anniversary to BJ!  Love you guys!


One response to “april celebrations

  1. Amy

    Thanks Rach! Happy Birthday to you too! It looks like a sweet adventure that you and BJ took. Can’t wait to come visit you guys soon! Fall Break 09?
    love you,

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