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Hello there!  I am way overdue on posting, but I have been working hard!  The house is starting to come together, slowly but surely.  I have to say I am super impressed with the motivation of my fabulous husband.  If I leave for any amount of time I may come home to doors off their hinges, paint cans out and new tools spread out under the carport!  

I promised I would post a few photos of the work we’ve done so far, but I’ve been stalling because in the photos my friend Andrew took the house wasn’t super clean! We didn’t do a great job taking “before” photos of our rooms, so the ones from the MLS listing will have to do.  Remember, this is a work in progress, but you can see where we’re going!

Our main living spaces before: (also, this is not our furniture)


Front room to Kitchen

Kitchen 2Eating area








Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom




(since these pictures have been taken we’ve shortened our headboard)

We’ve also painted the laundry room, but I don’t have any photos of that at this point.  One of the bigger projects we have left is to paint the trim in Benjamin Moore Super White, (you can see the back door in the kitchen has a swipe of it) we just haven’t had an open weekend to do it yet!  

Also the “Brew Shed” (yes, you heard it right, it’s 2/3 beer brewing and 1/3 storage) will be installed this coming weekend so I’ll try to get the husband to post about that, he’s quite proud of his design! 

Slowly but surely everything will come together, until then, you can see our progress.


3 responses to “house photos

  1. Cailin

    So cute! I love it! And I don’t think the aqua in the kitchen is too much at all…just my two cents :). You’ll have to let me know how the painting of the trim goes. We are going to do that, but I think Tom’s a little hesitant because it will take forever. I want to do it this summer before we get new carpet so we don’t have to tape along the bottom :). So fun to see these pics!

  2. Afton

    your House looks funny I am going for the grey/orange color scheme in my bedroom also. I just love it. I bet your loving decorating and so good at it. Hope everything is going great.
    LOve that I found your blog.

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