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Last night I was baking brownies for my husband and his fellow Truss Association board members (by special request) I was thinking about all of these things I should blog about.  If what was in my mind could directly appear on my blog I would be much more successful at this thing!  Anyway, I decided I would do more of a list style post so I can get a few things off my chest. So here goes, just to warn you this might be quite random. 

1.) Meat alternatives: Growing up with several vegetarian friends I have quite an open mind about vegetarian “meats,” I love veggie burgers, tofu, veggie sausages and frequently order the Marinated Tofu Sandwich at Boundary Bay.  So last time I bought sandwich meat I decided I’d try some Tofurky to mix it up.  I have to say, I have never had to put more mustard on a sandwich to make this stuff taste good.  Has anyone else had this same experience with Tofurkey or other meat alternatives?  Does anyone have good recommendations for their favorite veggie friendly substitute? 


Also, can I say how sad it is if this is the only way you’ve experienced Thanksgiving Dinner?! (Sorry Angeli)

tofurkey 2

1a.) On another note, I love the Morningstar Farms Veggie Sausage Patties…so good on a whole wheat english muffin with an egg and shred of cheddar.  

2.) Strawberry Shortcake: I volunteered to bring dessert to the Father’s Day celebration at BJ’s parents cottage in Birch Bay.  We settled on Strawberry Shortcake, but little did I know there were going to be  20 people out there.  So I spent the majority of Sunday morning making Shortcakes from Ashley Rodriguez’s recipe here. (read her full post about nesting it’s absolutely hilar) I have to say for my first attempt at Strawberry Shortcake they were delicious and a huge hit at the party- although we were an hour late! Yikes!  Here is a pic of some of my finished shortcakes cooling off. 


3.) My Settee:  I went garage sale-ing this weekend while BJ was playing in a softball tournament and snatched up my first upholstery project!  I got this “In need of TLC” settee for a mere $25.  I’m going to sand and paint the frame, sturdy it up with a bit of wood glue and recover the seat in a cute print.  I might have to ask for some opinions on the fabric choice!  


3a.) I just made a list of about 12 other crafts/projects I need to complete this summer.  Considering the fact I have 2 weekends where I’m not doing weddings between now and October 17 I’m not sure how I’m going to get all of this done. 

I apologize for the randomness in this post, but I feel better now that I’ve got this off my chest!


2 responses to “random thoughts…

  1. meganmacbrady

    I loooove Morngingstar ‘Soysages’!!! Alli ate them lots when she was doing Kinetics… but she says they have too much soy in them and that it can be bad for you? Whatev- I still eat them alll the timmmee cause they’re sooooo goooood. Love this post- love the randomness- love you!

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