clothing exchange!

My friend Anna decided we should have a clothing exchange with our girlfriends since none of us have been doing much shopping lately. I have heard of people doing this a lot with clothes and furniture, so I was really excited to help her host this shindig.  

Here are the rules: 

1.) Each person is supposed to bring 5-8 pieces of in season clothing or accessories to exchange. Upon arrival, divide these clothes into piles according to size (small, medium or large).  We actually ended up dividing ours by type since many of us were similar sizes.  We’ll call this the closet.

2.) Each person draws a number.  The person who draws a number 1 begins and chooses one item from the closet.  We then proceed to number 2 who can either “steal” from number 1 or choose something out of the pile. If someone steals someone else’s item the person without an item gets to pick something new. Keep going in sequential order until everyone has had a chance to get an item. 

3.) For the next round we went 2 people at a time to speed things up.  We did another round of partners for round 3 and then went to a free-for-all until the items were all snatched up. 

4.) Any items that weren’t chosen were donated to Goodwill. 

Of course I served a few appetizers- I made these Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese scones in a mini version as well as this wonderful Grown Up Grapefruit Sorbet- and the girls brought some goodies too.  

It was such a fun way to update our clothes without spending any money! Here are some photos from the night!



DSCN1946Our closet:


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