babies…to be!

Our fabulous friends Hannah and Caleb are having a baby girl in…well, anytime here in the next few weeks…so BJ and I hosted a baby shower at our house yesterday.  We invited the boys along for this one and provided them with plenty of beer so they were well taken care of in the midst of all the baby fun!

We fired up the grill and made 3 different types of Sliders- Bison, Turkey and Veggie with all the fixin’s. I also made a quinoa salad, fruit skewers, and veggies with hummus.  We had plenty of beer (Caleb and BJ are home brewers and beer enthusiasts) as well as Martha’s Strawberry Basil Iced Tea for beverages.  For dessert I made  Cherry Sherbet in Tuile Bowls also from Martha Stewart.  It was delish!

For decor we hung paper lanterns in the carport via some Ashley Ann inspiration. I also made some adorable condiment caddies for rolled silverware and ketchup and mustard.  I had small vases of yellow and white flowers and we created an outdoor living room in our backyard with some soft seating.  BJ really spiffed up our lawn which gave me a great background to work with.

Great friends, great food and adorable parents-to-be, made this party a great success!

Here are some photos from the festivities.














(try to ignore our unfinished shed!)


6 responses to “babies…to be!

  1. Cailin

    So cute! I love the invites and the condiment caddy!!! Rach you are so gifted – thanks for sharing!

  2. allison

    So fun! Looks like everything turned out wonderful! Nice work.

  3. Megan

    Rach! This is the best! Everything looks AMAZING! Way to go.

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  5. LindaLou

    Hmmm…I linked to this post, Rachel and it left a comment here. Can’t seem to delete it, so I’ll just say, it looks like a GREAT party, great post, and you are a great friend to our dear kids. Thank you so much for all you do for them!

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