so northwest

Sometimes I can totally disguise myself as a Northwesterner.  I have lived here for about 6 years now, so I’m sure I’ve picked up some Northwest tendencies, but sometimes I really impress myself at how well I can fit in. I can wear all neutral colored clothes including a North Face, go out without make-up and a shower and I even own a pair of sandals that can transfer from land to water (I know, it’s almost wrong).  

This weekend I added one more “Northwest” type activity to my resume, the husband took me crabbing in Birch Bay!  It was a bunch of fun.  I even cleaned and cooked them!  Here are photos from our adventure…


BJ rowed out to our boat


Beautiful Birch Bay

My land/water sandals. Only worn when necessary.

My land/water sandals. Only worn when necessary.


Out to find the crab pots.



Lots of crabs

Lots of crabs

Back on shore.

Back on shore.

We got some HUGE crabs!

We got some HUGE crabs!


More of the crabs.

Our bounty

Our bounty

I almost became a vegetarian.

I almost became a vegetarian.


They didn't even know what was coming to them.


Getting the guts out.


Crab hands.


All cooked up.


Going into the cooler.


Tons of delicious meat.


Crab dinner with great friends!


From sea to table!

Stay tuned for crab cakes later this week.


5 responses to “so northwest

  1. Jessica

    I think your water to land sandals are cute! And I love the crab pictures – looks like a fun adventure. 🙂

  2. Amy

    Great job Rach! Those crabs look delicious! I’m glad you are out exploring the land! It’s not so bad after all is it?!

  3. That looks so fun I want to do that!

  4. Clare

    Love those land to water sandals!

  5. Dad

    You are turning into a true Northwesterner! Come east sometime when it is warm and we can go deep sea fishing.


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