summer harvest

After reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan this Spring I got really into exploring where my food came from and how it got to my kitchen.  We joined our local food co-op, but decided one of the best things we can do is grow our own food.  So once we moved into our new house we checked out a bunch of books from the library on organic gardening and talked about the bounty of crops our little yard was going to produce.  I would say we had a little less than a bounty (my tomatoes produced a total of 4 Sweet 100 tomatoes…those are the really small ones) but we did get a few zucchini, yellow squash and we’ll have TONS of pumpkins come Fall.  As a disclaimer, it didn’t help that we planted our crops just days before it didn’t rain for 29 days straight and the average high was almost 90 degrees. 🙂

So we’ve learned some lessons and can’t wait until next year when we can plant on time and really reap a harvest!  In the meantime, who wants to have a Harvest Party come October, the pumpkins are taking over our yard?!

This is me with my first zucchini.  (I know, I’m a huge dork)



These are BJ’s hops.  He just harvested his first round last weekend for a ridiculously hoppy beer that is currently brewing in our guest bedroom.  DSCN2193


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