diy: chalkboard refrigerator

I always take photos of all of these random projects and recipes that I make to show off on the blog but I’m not so great about posting them in a timely fashion.  I have finally taken and uploaded photos of one of my favorite home projects that I can say I didn’t have much to do with…it’s all the husband on this one.

As you know BJ is a homebrewer and just purchased a 3 keg system this summer so he can now keg his beer instead of bottling it.  Well, in order to get this beer cold he needs a refrigerator for the kegs.  (he didn’t mention this to me when he purchased the kegs…minor detail…) So he scoured Craigslist and found this really ugly smelly refrigerator for $30.  (unfortunately I don’t have any “before” photos) He had the brilliant idea of using chalkboard paint to make it a bit more attractive in its home under the carport.

I think he did a great job!  Here are photos of the finished product.  (The table is set for BJ’s birthday dinner)




If you have an ugly refrigerator sitting at home I would highly recommend this fun project to give it a bit of life.  Can you imagine how fun this would be for your little kids, or how useful it would be for making a grocery list?  Lots of possibilities.


5 responses to “diy: chalkboard refrigerator

  1. meganmacbrady

    Oh my GOODNESS, I love this. Way to go team Louws!

  2. Beakster

    This is a great idea. I love it. How resourceful!


  3. Jessica

    So cute! Good job BJ, and good idea Rachel! If I had a blog, I would post a link to this creative inspiration!

  4. Cailin

    So great – I love it! I think we may do this with our extra fridge in the garage…hmm…thanks for the idea, Beej!

  5. rachelmarie4384

    thanks guys! free beer for any of you who come visit! 🙂

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