festive decor.

Hello all!  Good news! I got a new camera this week, as my old one’s flash had failed. It’s not an SLR or anything, but I definitely think it’s a bit more fabulous than the other one I had. Now I just have to sharpen my photography skills…

Since I have this new camera I thought I would share some photos with you of our house and its festive holiday decor. We’re not going to be in town for Christmas this year so I tried not to purchase a bunch of new items and use what I already had despite the fact that our house is twice as big as our place we lived in last year.

You can compare these photos taken with these and see what has changed in the last 6 months or so. (if anything!)

Here's our Christmas Tree we cut down ourselves!

One of my favorite things in our kitchen is my baking shelf. It got a few festive pine cones, Christmas balls, evergreen sprigs and garland.

My cranberry wreath hangs on the door to the backyard. (how embarrassing that we haven't painted our trim yet!)

Full room shot.

The kitchen window got an evergreen touch.

In the hallway I have clipboards hanging that I change out with photos or magazine clippings that I find inspiring. I added a "Merry Christmas" banner I had made last year from chipboard and ribbon and some wintery magazine clippings from this month's Anthropologie catalog.

How do you make your home feel warm for the holidays? What do you have to have in order for it to truly feel like Christmas?


2 responses to “festive decor.

  1. Clare

    I LOVE the baking shelf! Jake has something like it but it’s metal. The wood is more inviting. I also really like the clip board idea because you can change it and sometimes I find so many little things inspiring but I already have a framed picture in my house, I like how that can change.

  2. meganmacbrady

    Yay new camera!I LOVE your wellies lined up by the front door. So cute.

    PS- the burger was not mine. I wish- ha.

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