diy: flower headband tutorial

As promised, here is a tutorial for the flower headbands I featured last week.  I have to give all of the credit to Hannah for teaching the technique, I’m just the messenger.  (thanks, Hannah!) So here goes…


Hot glue gun

Scraps of felt (color doesn’t matter)

Small pieces of fabric (scraps are definitely acceptable), about an 1-1/2 inch wide, about 12-14 inches long

Headbands, bobby pins, pins or clips


1.) Take one of your fabric strips. Working from one end of the fabric scrunch the fabric in to a small ball to make the center of the flower. Continue to twist and fold the fabric in a circular motion around the center of the flower, building the petals of the rose. Be sure to keep hold of the layers using your thumb. If you’d like a larger flower make your layers a bit looser and if you want a smaller flower keep your layers quite tight.

2.) As soon as you have come to the end of your strip of fabric and you are satisfied with the size of your fabric, take your piece of felt and cut a circle slightly smaller than the size of your flower.

3.) Take the glue gun and squirt a couple lines of glue on the felt large enough to span the diameter of your flower. Stick your flower down on the felt.

4.) Trim any remaining strings from the front of the flower. My flower is about 1-3/4 inches diameter.

4.) If you’re attaching the flower to a headband put your headband on. Look in a mirror and hold the flower up to the headband in the location you desire. Using your glue gun, make a small line of glue on the headband where you want your flower. Stick your flower on top of the glue.

5.) Cut another small square of felt and glue it on to the back side of the rose sandwiching the headband. This is solely for comfort.

6.) That’s it! You look good! 🙂

Once you get a hand of making the flowers experiment with different sizes, twists and textures. You can add buttons, beads, sequins, feathers, etc. Don’t be afraid to use patterned fabric. If you’d like to use the flowers in multiple ways- on a fabric headband, belt, etc. you can attach the flower to a small clip (like this) or bobby pin.

Let me know if you have any questions or if I’m not clear in my directions. Have so much fun!


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7 responses to “diy: flower headband tutorial

  1. Tina

    I love the bright blue. You look adorable!

  2. Maria

    Thanks! I am so excited to give this a try!

  3. Clare

    Wow, step by step with pictures and everything. Great tutorial! Thanks!

  4. i got your back, clare. 🙂 if you have questions give me a call and I can help.

  5. love this! I’m going to use this for a gift for my niece, thanks!

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