kitchen cure

I have been loving Apartment Therapy lately, for some reason it’s really striking a cord with me…Maybe it’s all of the awesome designs and practical ideas they are always featuring?!

Every year their Kitch’n page features a program called The Kitchen Cure. It’s a four week program designed to help you get your kitchen in tip top shape. You sign up and they send you a series of e-mails that consist of “assignments” for every week to help you achieve your best kitchen. I’m hoping it will help me organize, clean up in ways that I wouldn’t even imagine and help me build a pantry. (I’m terrible at this whole food-stocking thing, just ask my husband.)

I’m also hoping it might turn this…

Into this…


Since a kitchen remodel is probably off the radar this year I’m counting on this program to hold me over.  If you’d like to participate in The Cure you can sign up here. It starts Friday February 26th so you’ll want to sign up sooner than later.

The Kitchen Cure website can give better descriptions than I so check it out for all the deets.

I hope my kitchen (and frankly, my husband) is ready to be cured. I’ll post updates each week on how things are going.  If you decide to sign up be sure to comment and let me know, I’m curious as to how it goes for you!


3 responses to “kitchen cure

  1. allison

    I just signed up! This sounds so fun, thanks for the tip.

    ps. i have the same kitchen photos you posted as inspiration for my dream kitchen. 😉

  2. BJ

    That looks like a lot of work!

  3. Cailin

    Fun! I am going to do this 🙂

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