february sewing

In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to sew something every month, I made this ruffle pillow with some left over fabric from our bedroom curtains. It turned out pretty cute, although I think I will hem the edges of the fabric on my ruffle next time. Since it’s in our bedroom it doesn’t get used that much so it’s OK, but for a high traffic area I’d definitely hem the edges.

Not sure what my March project will be. I’d like to sew myself something but every time I go to buy a pattern I carry it around the store for a while and then chicken out right at the end! How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming?


2 responses to “february sewing

  1. Afton

    Rach, Love the pillow so cute. Where did you get your bedding I have a friend looking for something similar to that.
    Hope everything is going great. I love following your blog.

  2. rachelmarie4384

    Hi Afton! Thanks for reading! 🙂

    Our bedding is from Anthropologie. I got it right before we got married, but I know they have similar stuff there right now. Good luck!

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