kitchen cure: week one

Coincidentally I had a day off last Friday the same day my first Kitchen Cure assignment came to my inbox.  I completed my Week One assignment right away. Week One was to clean out all of the excess food you have in your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator/freezer.  Since I’ve only lived in this house for just less than a year and I don’t keep much extra food around it went a bit quicker than it might have for other participants.

You were supposed to check out the expiration dates on all of your foods and spices and throw away anything that was past its prime.  Not gonna lie, I had a hard time throwing away a half jar of cayenne pepper that had expired, but I had to stay true to the Cure and suck it up. I had the hardest time throwing away this…the leftover rock candy from our wedding…although it has been almost 2 years since our wedding day. It was definitely time.

They ask you to take before and after photos each week so here are the before photos of our foodspace: (P.S. it looks like we don’t have any dishes in our cupboards, but the dishwasher was full when I took this photo.)

Cleaning the fridge…removing the bottles, shelves, food, etc. I wiped everything out and believe me, it needed it.

And here are the After shots…

I wish you could really see how much our refrigerator has improved. Cleaning your fridge does makes all of the food that lives in  your fridge look tastier.

I’m headed to Ikea tomorrow, so I’m going to look for a few more clear plastic containers for some of my pantry items like loose granola bars, chips, etc.

I have to say it’s a little vulnerable to have your kitchen cabinets open wide for all to see. How is your Cure coming along? I know a few of you have signed up.

I just got Week Two’s assignment today so I’ll be working away on it and posting later in the week. Good luck to all who are participating!


5 responses to “kitchen cure: week one

  1. Tina

    I can see how it would be unnerving to bare all. But you have nothing to be worried about Rach. Your kitchen is so cute. And ‘before’ pictures make the final reveal that much more exciting.

    You are such a grown up. 🙂 Love it.

  2. Clare

    Looks great! Is this Kitchen Cure something that you need to do every year, or is it just a one time thing and either encourages you to do inventory like this every so often or sets something up where you wouldn’t have to?

  3. rachelmarie4384

    This is going to sound very Martha of me, but I’m hoping to get my self on a “once a year spring cleaning regiment” and the Kitchen Cure is serving as my guide for my first year. I am hoping I keep up the work that I have done throughout the year but then once a year will just do a “tune up”…we’ll see how it goes…

  4. Jessica

    Great job! A few weeks ago I cleaned out my fridge, and stuck the different parts and shelves in the dish washer. It made it really easy, but of-course everything can’t go in the dish washer at once.

    Also, I don’t see my X-mas card on your fridge? 😦

  5. Cailin

    Haha I love that Jess took the time to see if she could find her Christmas card. Oh, Jess…

    I am hoping to start my Kitchen Cure this weekend. I have the assignments but am a couple weeks behind. Sheesh. I did clean out the fridge this past weekend, and you’re right – it makes everything look more delicious. Good work, keep up the updates!

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