chicks are here!

Our chicks have finally arrived!

Rachel is having me write this blog post because the chicks are my responsibility to take care of. She said “I don’t want to clean up chicken poop or anything”, but she did this morning and I didn’t even have to ask her.

Rachel and I have been working hard on their coop and tending to the chicks every day.  It has been a true show of my man skills, ranging from construction to meat production.  Yes these little girls are cute (see below), but after they stop laying eggs they will be dinner!

The chicks were born on Tuesday last week and we purchased the three of them on Wednesday.  If you want a cheap pet, get a chicken.  Not only are the inexpensive,  they also give you eggs.  We should get about a dozen eggs a week once they start laying.  We bought three chicks, a waterer, feeder and feed for less than $25!

I have taken up the last few weeks displaying my expert building skills in the form of coop construction.  I have some pictures of the progress so far and there will be more to come as I complete the coop.  I precut all of the prices from Hardie Board and also pre-painted them before construction began.  It took a lot of planning!

Watching Paint Dry

The coop is constructed from 2×2’s that are stained to be water repellent.

The walls fit!

I cut down some scrap lumber from work and made the trim.  The door to our shed will also be red, so the backyard will coordinate well.

Chickens need light in their coop for good egg production.  I made this custom window out of wood and freezer curtain.  It is removable for hot summer days.  I will have more pictures of the coop once it is completed.  There is still a wire mesh run that will be made for the chickens to hang out in during the day.

Now for the chicks!

The chick on the left is Milly, on the right is Opal and Lucille 2 is in the back.  This breed of chicken is a Gold Laced Wyandotte.  I will post a picture of what they will look like full grown on the next posting.

They crap a lot as you can see in their temporary box.

Here is an up close look.

That is all.  I will be posting periodically on the chicks.  Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to answer them.

– BJ  (Farmer John)


5 responses to “chicks are here!

  1. Liane

    Dear Farmer John,

    When will the chicks begin to lay eggs? We want scrambled!


  2. BJ

    This type of chicken usually starts to lay eggs around the 5 month mark. We should be getting small eggs beginning this summer. The chickens eggs will get bigger and less frequent as they get older.

  3. Clare

    Your chicken coop looks great! I’m excited to hear if these chickens are worth the work.

  4. rachelmarie4384

    haha. that’s a great way to put it, Clare! 🙂 I guess if they’re not they’ll become dinner a little sooner than later.

  5. Cailin

    Awww, Rach finally has some chicks! Remember when we called ourselves The Chicks? It’s like it’s all come to fruition. Thanks for posting BJ, you truly are handy! 🙂

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