buttermilk beignets

My sister Amy was in town to visit us for her Spring Break and she requested we make this Buttermilk Beignet Recipe. If you don’t know what beignets are they are a light and fluffy pillowy piece of fried dough goodness covered in powdered sugar. I’m not one to eat fried dough, but these are totally worth it. They’re even better if you dip them in a little bit of chocolate syrup. Here are a few photos from the day:

The dough before its rising...

Making coffee to have with our treats.

Cutting the dough.



A couple tips:

-Don’t get your oil too hot. The ones we actually got photos of were a little bit too done.

-The dough stores well overnight, just follow the directions on the recipe. We actually made the second batch of these for dessert the next night.

-Be careful not to inhale the powdered sugar, that stuff makes you cough like crazy if it gets up your nose.

-The coffee really was a perfect compliment to these tasty treats.

2 responses to “buttermilk beignets

  1. Liane

    Looks good. Gotta have the coffee!

  2. Tina

    Nothing like sharing sweet deep fried dough with your seester. 🙂 My sis is China at the moment, I miss her! 😦

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