chick update

Here they are just shy of two weeks old:

As soon as I started taking pictures of them they all hopped up on their perch to pose. They have most of the feathers on their wings, they’re starting to get their tail feathers and feathers on the back of their neck. Their feet and legs are growing a lot. They like to eat scratch and chicken feed out of our hands. They’ll also jump onto your hand if you have it in there for a little bit. It’s pretty fun to see them change.

BJ is working on finishing the coop as I write, so I’m sure he’ll be posting and update on that for you all to see.


5 responses to “chick update

  1. Tina

    Woah….I love the colours in that picture!

  2. Jessica

    They are getting so big!! 🙂 Must be due to the excellent care they are receiving.

  3. rachelmarie4384

    The psychedelic colors in the picture are due to the heat lamp and the blue Rubbermaid tub they’ve been living in.

    Farmer John is giving them excellent care. 🙂

  4. allison

    i’m excited to meet the little chickies this weekend!

  5. BJ

    You should do a St. Paddy’s Day post!

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