Here’s the deal on the Kitchen Cure. I gave up meeting the Week 3 deadline last week once we decided to have a St. Patrick’s Day party. I gave my kitchen a good cleaning the day after the party. I cleaned the floors with bleach on my hands and knees, wiped off cabinets in places I didn’t realize were dirty, dusted my baking shelf, and cleaned my sink. For some reason I have been feeling like this isn’t enough to check off the necessary cleaning needed in Week 3, but, honestly, I am so sick of cleaning my kitchen I don’t even enjoy cooking in it anymore.

So with permission from Sara who is leading the Kitchen Cure, I have decided I’ve gone as deep as I want and am going to move on to Week 4. I do need to clean my oven and stovetop, but I’m planning on doing that in the next few weeks when I haven’t been spending so much time in the kitchen.

Here is my kitchen without any furniture ready to be cleaned: (seriously the floor was so gross after the party, this photo does not do it justice)

Sara talks about adding something beautiful to your kitchen to make it more like a “sancturary” this could be fresh flowers, a window box, new piece of art, etc. This might be weird, but I decided to always have yummy hand soap and dish soap in my kitchen.

Yummy basil soap from Mrs. Myers Clean Day- a MN based company- and it matches my kitchen!

Now that I have gotten over the fact that I’m done with my deep clean I was able to enjoy some time in the kitchen baking a recipe of Jimmy’s Pink Cookies from the book A Homemade Life.

These cookies are delish, perfectly cake-y and the frosting is tangy and sweet! I highly recommend trying them out. I also recommend buying the book A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg the famous writer of the blog Orangette and co-owner of the Seattle pizza restaurant Delancey. Such a great book pairing recipes and the stories behind them.

I don’t want to reprint the recipe because I’m sure I’m not really supposed to and also I want you to go get the book. It’s totally worth it!

Anyway, that’s all. Stay tuned for Week 4 of the Kitchen Cure, which is restocking your kitchen. I don’t think this will cause as much turmoil as Week 3. 🙂

Have a great week!


5 responses to “confessions.

  1. meganmacbrady

    1) Totally love Mrs. Meyers, especially the Gardenia sent…mmmmm
    2) The cookies look awesome!! I wish I would have made these for Valentines Day this year.
    3) Your kitchen will forever and always be cleaner than mine- you inspire me.
    4) Love ya!

  2. Jessica

    And Mrs. Meyers is a MN brand and a little nod to your favorite midwest state. 🙂

  3. Tina

    Hey Rach,

    I’m curious, what makes that hand soap yummy?

  4. rachelmarie4384

    MB: The cookies are seriously delish, you have got to try them. And, thanks for the clean kitchen compliment!

    Jessica: Woot for MN brands! Does it mean I shopped MN local since I bought it at Target?!

    Tina: This soap smells absolutely delicious. You’ll know once you smell! 🙂

  5. Tina

    I’ll keep an eye out for them. Where do they sell them?

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