weekend excursion

I don’t have a great project to post today. Since we were out of town last weekend celebrating our anniversary we missed a whole weekend of working on projects. BJ planned a little excursion to Seattle for the weekend and here’s what we did…

We stayed at the Pan Pacific, which was the same hotel we stayed at after our wedding (and enjoyed it more this time since we didn’t have to leave on a flight to Hawaii the next morning at 7 am).

We had dinner at Matt’s in the Market, one of those restaurants that truly gives you a feel for Seattle, especially since it’s located right in Pike’s Place Market. BJ ordered a whole fish for dinner…literally…see photo below.

We hit up Tini Bigs a fun martini bar post dinner. BJ stared at the long scotch list in disbelief.

And we did a bit of shopping, something we started doing when we get down to Seattle since Bellingham shopping is “lacking.” Such a fun weekend to enjoy the city and being married.

View through the window at our table at Matt's in the Market.

BJ and his whole fish.

Martinis and the scotch list.


Tip: If you’re looking for a yummy, healthy breakfast check out Whole Foods. We had made to order breakfast burritos and ate them in their casual dining area. Plus, it was only about $6 each.

This weekend we’ll be finishing up a few projects so tune in next week for some more exciting posts.


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