the best homemade pizza yet

BJ and I love pizza…like LOVE pizza…especially pizza of the Via Tribunali, Delancey, Tutta Bella variety. The chewy warm crust, the creamy mozzarella and salty savory toppings always fill my tummy with pleasure. I’ve tried to recreate these flavors at home but for some reason the crust doesn’t get crispy enough, the toppings don’t meld together right, there’s too much “moisture” on top of the pizza, etc, etc.

Until last night.

In the February edition of Sunset magazine they published a great sidebar titled “Make Pizza Like a Pro” in the midst of their column about pizza’s growing popularity in the Northwest. I followed all of the directions of Pizzeria Delfina‘s Pizzaiolo (the pizza chef/expert) Anthony Strong and it worked!

A couple notes: We don’t have a pizza stone, so we used a regular baking sheet. I think the key to the whole success of this was warming our baking sheets in the oven for the recommended half hour before baking. When you stuck the pizza on the sheet to bake it made this great sizzling noise.

Also, we baked a couple of our pizzas on the grill to compare the finished product. The results were quite similar and the preferences of our dinner guests were about half and half oven vs. grill.

Toppings Note: We made a traditional Margherita pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and fresh basil as well as an Italian Sausage and Mushroom pizza.

Wine Note: Red Diamond Merlot. Seriously, one of the best inexpensive bottle of wines out there. Favorite of my MIL Cindy Louws.


4 responses to “the best homemade pizza yet

  1. Sister

    Those pizzas look delicious! I’m definitely going to have to try them. Thanks Rach!

  2. meganmacbrady

    OMGOSH, these look sooo goooood! Nice work Team Louws!

  3. Beak

    These look so good. I LOVE PIZZA and will have to try this. I suggest that you make this for us when we visit so we can learn how to do it from the experts.

  4. rachelmarie4384

    Beak, we can for sure make these pizzas when you come to visit. You will not be disappointed.

    Also, after I posted this I read the comments about this recipe on the Sunset blog. I would say ignore them, this recipe is delish.

    I will say, if you don’t have kosher salt make sure you half the amount of salt.

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