let there be light

Our living room has been seriously lacking in light. We only have one floor lamp and were out of space to add another one that would take up any part of the floor or surfaces. So, I came up with a solution, the pendant lamp!

I found a drum shade at Goodwill for $1.50 and some adorable fabric and trim from JoAnn Fabrics and went to town.

Here’s how it turned out:

In addition to the extra light it makes the room feel a little more “homey” and comfortable, I’m pretty excited about how it turned out.  This room is slowly coming together.

On another note: I’m considering painting this cabinet. Any ideas for a color? White or something colorful? (Ignore the decor from New Year’s)


3 responses to “let there be light

  1. bj

    Rachel did an awesome job on the Lamp Shade, the picture does not give it justice. A color might be fun on the upper cabinets, but I think we should paint the lower ones SUPER WHITE, like the trim and every thing else. What about a bright yellow for the uppers and Super White for the lowers with a dark grey counter?

  2. cailin

    Rach – your lampshade is SOOO cute, BJ doesn’t lie! 🙂 I seriously love it. Way to go, Crafty Lou!

  3. Clare

    Are there multiple cabinets in the TV stand? I’m having trouble imagining what bj means. I love your lamp idea though, and think I will try something similar to the lamps we’re putting up in our new place!

    Thanks for the idea!

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