the year of the yard.

Apparently this is the year of the yard. So there’s major ground leveling, moss killing and grass planting going on. Not to mention the stump extraction.

Fortunately, BJ now has the assistance of his 3 little hens anytime he is doing a backyard project. I’m sure they were particularly helpful as he was getting this stump out of the ground.


5 responses to “the year of the yard.

  1. Sister

    I absolutely love the chickens running around your back yard! I can’t believe how big they are. I remember when they were just baby chicks! Nice work on that stump too B.J.

  2. Maria

    I am obsessed with your chickens. They are so adorable. How long until they will start laying eggs?

  3. Clare

    Wow, that’s a large stump.

  4. rachelmarie4384

    Maria, you should come visit us and our chickens! 🙂 They should start laying eggs this summer, probably July.

  5. Beak

    I’m impressed by BJ’s hard work. That guy is an animal.


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