to train or not to train?

I’ve got a hankerin’ to train for another run. I’m blaming this desire on a few things:

1.) BJ is training for a triathalon. I am slightly competitive and I especially don’t want to see him become a better runner than I am.

2.) Fairhaven All Paces Run. I’ve started going to this run on Tuesday nights hosted by my favorite running store Fairhaven Runner. It’s a 20 minutes out and 20 back. The best thing is you get to run in a group. Running and socializing- I don’t know if it gets better for me. I have been secretly scared to show up for this run in the past, but now that I started going 3 weeks ago, I’m hooked. I’ve even decided to move up into a faster pace group this week. Yikes.

3.) Just got a new battery in my running watch.

4.) I’ve developed an affinity for running in the rain. If you’ve been in the Pacific Northwest lately you know I’ve had no choice.

5.) I run to eat.

I’m thinking I might sign up for a 15K. I’m looking for one in September/October. I’ll take suggestions if anyone’s got them!

The Louws crew after the All Paces Run on Tuesday nights.


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