joys of gardening

The worst thing about being a gardener is that you have to deal with the nasty little pests that think they should have a share in the vegetable you’ve planted. The worst of all of these little pests (at least in my humble opinion) is the slug.

I mean, seriously, is there any way you can love this?

It has been raining her so much that the slug population is feeling especially alive and active. I’ve noticed that something has been munching on my lettuces, taking little bites here and there. Last week, I went out to the garden to pick a little lettuce for a salad and there was something that had wreaked havoc all over the garden. It was quite a site. I looked a little closer in my Cut and Grow Lettuce and there sat the fattest, rolliest polliest slug enjoying the green leaves of my plants. I went nuts. I started yelling at this slug and then I took a wooden stake, flung him out of the garden and smashed him to smitherines. It was pretty disgusting.

My slug slaying continued into the next day by encouraging the boys who were having a bonfire in my backyard to burn the slugs I found in my recycling bin. I have never been one for animal slaying, but in this circumstance it brought me a little happiness.

It has taken me 4 days to go back to my garden to pick lettuce since the slug incident. Today I went and picked a whole head of romaine for our dinner tonight. With gloves. I took every piece apart and shook it before bringing it inside. If I find another slug on my lettuce I might just have to retire as a gardener.

I will say that I have a larger appreciation for the people that work in the fields harvesting our store bought veggies, imagine how many slugs they encounter in a day.

Not really sure why I am posting this on my blog, I just had to let someone know. Thanks for listening.


3 responses to “joys of gardening

  1. Allison

    yuck, i agree, slugs are nasty. If you pour salt on them you can watch them shrivel up and die. eeeeek!

  2. Clare

    haha, thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. Sister

    We’ve been having a lot of slugs in Wilmington too because of the rain. They certainly are disgusting! What’s even worse than slugs, are centipedes! We’ve had the hugest, nastiest ones ever! Ugh! Anyway, enough about nasty bugs. Your lettuce looks incredible! You definitely have Mom’s green thumb!

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