dear neighbor kids…

We have some neighborhood kids that like to climb the apple tree that’s in our backyard but outside of our fence. It’s starting to get really annoying to me for several reasons.

First of all, they have started knocking the tiny baby apples off the tree. It’s July. The apples aren’t ready yet. Which BJ and I have both explained to them and asked them not to do and they still continue to do. Even if the apples aren’t great eating apples BJ would really like to make cider out of them.

Second of all, they are tall enough when they’re in the tree to see if we’re in our backyard or not. This is annoying to me if I have to run out to the laundry room (which is outside of our house connected to the carport, it’s weird, I know) and I don’t want to wear a proper outfit for small neighborhood children to see me in. I almost risked it this morning, but good thing I didn’t because there were 2 little 8 year olds in my tree greeting me as soon as I came out the backdoor to grab clean clothes.

Also, when they know we’re home they want to come in our backyard and see the chickens.

Third of all, BJ and I found this little jem of a signature on the back of our brand new Food Plus Recycling garbage can. Thanks, Dan’s hand, now we all know where you’ve been.

Lastly, if one of these kids falls out of our tree and breaks his or her arm are we responsible? That’s what makes me most nervous.

All of this annoyance makes me feel old. It makes me think about all of the annoying things I must have done as a kid that bugged our neighbors. I remember one instance of singing about 100 verses of “I know a song that gets on everyone’s nerves” in our front yard in Houston. Yikes.

2 responses to “dear neighbor kids…

  1. Liane

    Remember the tree in our yard when we lived in FL. It had a tree house in it and I made Dad take it down because all the neighborhood kids wanted to play in it and I was afraid they would fall out. Yah, everybody thought I was mean. Oh well. We never had a problem once the tree house was gone.

    Good luck. Bummer about Dan’s hand.

    Love ya,


  2. Clare

    haha, this post is kind of funny. I can see myself being annoyed too. You don’t realize it when you’re a kid, but it’s not always the mean old neighbor. Sometimes the kid is the one with the problem. What makes him think he can write on your recycle bin?

    At the same time though, try not to get too upset about it. It’s not worth stressing you out. Figure out if they will leave the tree alone or not, maybe talk to their parents and if they won’t stop maybe figure out if you’re responsible and if you are consider taking down the tree. It doesn’t look very tall so they probably won’t break their necks or anything.

    I don’t know, I’m just thinking of ideas. Good luck, you grown up you.

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