This car is parked outside of the house across the street from ours. True story.

But don’t worry, before it parked it did a little “dance” and lowered and raised itself several times before settling in this position near the curb. For a second I thought I lived in Southern California or something, good thing the 65 degree temperatures snapped me back to reality.

Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend. I’m working a wedding tomorrow night, but the rest of my weekend includes a festive 4th of July BBQ with our Bellingham friends and a possible shrimping trip where I will be sporting my “Land to Water” sandals as I did while crabbing last August. Happy 4th of July!

2 responses to “umm…

  1. Jessica

    I love all the neighborhood updates! 🙂 That car is wack.

  2. Cailin


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