my new dress

When I saw this tutorial to make a dress out of a t-shirt and a piece of fabric and I just knew had to try it. Could it really be that easy?!

My mom thought I was crazy when I called her asking about fabric amounts for a skirt, but I have to say, I think it turned out pretty cute!

A couple notes on the tutorial, my t-shirt already had tiny ruffles on it, so I didn’t do any embellishing there. And, instead of the drawstring I used elastic.

Here’s my little photo shoot with the chicks…


7 responses to “my new dress

  1. Cailin

    SOOOOOOO cute! Love it! You make it look too easy…

  2. Cailin

    P.S. You match your kitchen 😉

  3. Kevin Buechler

    Nice job. You look great Rachel !


  4. Clare

    Super cute. Love that belt.

  5. Liane Buechler

    Looks great! Nice job!

    Love, Mom

  6. Angeli

    Love it! Not at all what I imagined when you were describing it to me – very cute.

  7. Becky Elhardt

    So cute! Anthropogie, watch out!!!

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