Clare and Jake’s Wedding

A few weeks ago my high school friends and I rendezvoused in snowy Minnesota (yes, in the middle of January…brr!) for our good friend Clare’s wedding. We had so much fun together celebrating Clare and Jake’s nuptials, meeting friends’ new significant others, catching up with old friends and taking in the MN chill. Here are a few photos from the weekend…

Girlies at the Bachelorette Party

Some of the group gathering at Cooper's for some beers and late night eats.

Michelle, Angeli, Me and Cailin at the wedding.

The husband and I during dinner.

We love Angeli's boyfriend Brandon.

Hooray for the newlyweds- Clare and Jake!

Baby bump is in full effect at the wedding. Here we are at 28 weeks.

My friends LOVE to dance. Here are a few pictures of the amazing dance moves that were featured that night. If you happen to be a Facebook’er check out the amazing video Cailin posted of Brandon’s Thriller dance. I tried to post it here, but it won’t let me. 😦

Brandon and Michelle going crazy.

Ben, JP and Brian showing their moves.

Shanna and Anthony getting down.

Ben and Brandon's Thriller was one for the record books.

As I was going through these pictures I realized all of the picture with boys on the dance floor are them showing their moves or making funny faces. The girls all tend to pose during photos, even in the middle of the dance floor, so there are less action shots. Kind of funny if you think about it.

Thanks to everyone for the fun celebration in Minnesota. I wish we lived closer to you guys so we could see you more often. The friendships I have with these people are truly once in a lifetime friendships. We’ve been friends for over 13 years and I don’t think that’s going to end anytime soon! I love you all!


3 responses to “Clare and Jake’s Wedding

  1. Clare

    We love to too, Rachel! That is really funny about the girls posing on the dance floor instead of dancing. I’m trying to think if I do that…

    Thank you so much for coming!! It was really fun to see you 🙂

  2. Jessica

    These photos really summarize the festivities well! We wish you guys lived closer too, but really enjoy visiting WA!

  3. Kevin Buechler

    The pictures and commentary are great. I liked seeing everyone.


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