embellished onesies

Waiting for a baby to come is a very draining process. It’s hard to know something life changing could happen at any moment, but you’re not exactly sure when. It makes for a very emotional mother-to-be, not to mention I’m a little bored. My clients know I could have a baby any day and I’ve finished most of my big projects around the house.

To keep myself busy today I embellished a few onesies for Baby. If she doesn’t come soon I won’t have any plain onesies that can be used as layering pieces!

I have to say the best thing about baby clothes is everything is super small so you can use scrap fabric you already have lying around for these types of projects. These are a great shower present for friends that are having babies. Handmade but super easy to do, even if you aren’t particularly crafty you can do this! Here are a few I made today.

I added a ruffle to these kimono tops, they’re newborn size and are seriously so small! I can’t believe they’ll actually fit on a real baby. For the top on the right I used a felt flower I had made with a die cut machine and then added some buttons I had lying around.

For this little number I made a flower using the same method in the headband tutorial I shared last year and then sewed it on.

These are the kind of things I’m doing to pass the time away. Hopefully this baby comes soon so I don’t run out of ideas…or onesies!

Also, thanks to everyone for the kind comments on the nursery, it was so much fun to put together. I’m looking forward to spending more time in it once our little girl is here.


3 responses to “embellished onesies

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  2. Rebecca Wenzel

    oh those little Kimonos are TOO cute! So creative!

  3. Cailin

    I kid you not, I literally went from one blog that talked about embellished onesies and said “tutorial coming soon” and thought to myself – Now that’s a project I can do for Baby L! – to your blog. I guess you beat me to it ;-).

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