DIY: baby legs

Knowing how unpredictable the weather in the Pacific Northwest is I really wanted to pick up a pair of Baby Legs for our little lady. We went to Digs to get some and BJ asked me how many pairs were included for the $12 price tag. I had to explain (several times) that there were only one pair in a package. Lucky for him I found a Baby Leg tutorial the other day and finally made a few pairs for our little girl.

People, these are SO EASY to make. I’m not even kidding. I made all 3 pairs in less than 30 minutes. Here’s the link to the DIY I used. I followed her directions exactly so there’s no point on me re-posting her instructions.

My tips: try as hard as you can not to stretch the sock when you’re pinning the two parts together, it will make it hard to match everything up without any wrinkles. If you have a little baby, like I do, it might work a little better to use girls sized knee high socks, I used women’s socks and they are a little long, but she’ll grow into them. I used knee highs from Target. They were $2.50 a pair.

Here is my model showing off the finished product…

Can you guess which of these pairs are the real Baby Legs? The multi-colored striped pair are. The only difference is they’re a little shorter and the elastic that goes around the top is also around the bottom of the sock. Since her legs are still a littl skinny for them I know they’ll be a little harder to keep on without that bottom elastic, but I know she’ll grow into them.

Some DIY projects cost as much as buying the product itself, but not this one. At a savings of $9.50 a pair…I think they’re totally worth it.

If you don’t have any interest in sewing these and you still want a pair, but don’t want to pay the $12 price tag. Check out Zulily and Gilt Groupe for sales on Baby Legs, I’ve seen both of these sites with with these on sale in the past month.






One response to “DIY: baby legs

  1. Jessica

    Isla is getting so big! She rocks her baby legs. 🙂

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