memorial day bbq

We had some friends over for a little Memorial Day BBQ. I felt like it was our coming out party, like “look at us, we can put together a fiesta even though we have a baby.”

We provided hot dogs and brats and did a little toppings bar with over 20 toppings. My friend Cailin did a hot dog party for her husband’s 30th birthday so I can’t say the idea was an original, but nonetheless it was a lot of fun. It was a great first post baby party because it didn’t take much work to put together but it was more than just grilling dogs and brats.

Guests entered the backyard from the side gate. BJ spiffed up our yard for the festivities.

Menu written on the side of the beer fridge. It's really hard to have good handwriting on the side of a refrigerator.

Under the carport. Because of my job, I'm lucky to have access to decor items so it's a little easier to jazz up a space. You don't have to have a lot of decorations, but if you can add one large element it makes the space look all the more special.

I bought this old window at the ReStore and posted our hot dog/topping ideas on the window panes.

Our combinations.

Mason jars make fun glassware for the summer. Even if you use disposable products for most items, little touches of glass make a big impact. We used glass for beverages and paper for everything else. I did 1-1/2 loads of dishes in the dishwasher, not bad for a 20 person party.

Always take your condiments out of the original containers they came in. These pickles look so much fancier in a glass jar. All of the other condiments were in white bowls and ramekins. I placed the buns in a basket lined with tea towels.

This was also the first time BJ has had 3 beers on tap, so it was quite an exciting evening. I highly recommend brewing your own beer and getting a beer fridge with taps for your party space. It is really unique and a great conversation starter.

The beer fridge. BJ labeled his taps and the beer's stats. I'm not sure what most of these numbers mean, but the guys enjoyed it.

We love our friends…thanks to all who stopped by.

Nora and Judah playing together.

BJ's plate, sans brat. For some reason I thought this was a strange plate of food.

My friends are so cute. 🙂

The little girls sharing the pineapple juice leftover from the pineapple topping.

Lior and Isla...BFFs? They're only 6 days apart.

Bec and Me with our girls.

Most of the girls. Thanks to our husbands for always taking these photos. 🙂

We hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I know in most parts of the country it’s the start of summer. We can’t feel it yet, but hopefully will soon.

Also, I joined Twitter last week (I know, I know, welcome to 2011) so feel free to follow me at

5 responses to “memorial day bbq

  1. Clare

    Looks like a fun party! For some reason, I can’t find you on twitter though.

  2. Kevin Buechler

    The party looks like a lot of fun. I definitely liked having Beak’s Brew as a beer option. You guys always do a great job of hosting.


  3. rachelmarie4384

    Whoops, sorry, I updated my Twitter name. It’s

    This party was a lot of fun and Beek’s Brew was a hit!

  4. namrata

    This is such a service-y post!

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