isla marie is three months old!

Happpy three months little one! The newborn stage is officially over as she loses her newborn look more and more every day. She told us she was didn’t want to be swaddled anymore when she woke up with her arm outside of her neck hole of her jammies. She talks and babbles at us all day long. She’s almost always happy and when she starts to get “snarly” she’s ready for a nap. Isla is constantly grabbing things and putting them in her mouth and she never stops wiggling. She loves to stand up. Her favorite toys are her block and Sophie the giraffe. She smiles the most when she wakes up in the morning, after her breakfast, of course, and loves it when you sing songs to her.

She’s still the absolute favorite thing going on in our lives right now, we’re so thankful to have such a happy, fun baby.

Here are a few shots of her in her third month.

Playing with her block.

Standing up with her dad.


3 responses to “isla marie is three months old!

  1. Kevin Buechler

    Isla is a beautiful little girl. She is so happy in these pictures. She obviously gets her attitude from Grandpa Kevin!


  2. jen

    she’s just the cutest button!

  3. Jessica

    I’m glad she is enjoying super expensive Sophie! The baby toy wonder cracks me up! I miss you baby friend Isla!

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