half birthdays

Our little girl is six months old! She weighs 13 lbs. 10 oz. and is 26 inches long.

This kiddo has quite the personality. She doesn’t ever slow down and loves to be around people. She’s constantly kicking her legs, twisting and turning all over the place and wanting you to hold her up so she can stand. We’re going to be in big trouble once she starts crawling. She is quite the chatterbox, she talks to herself all the time and this month started saying “mama.” It melts my heart every time she does it. She is also getting to be a pro at sitting up by herself.

This month we started our first solid foods. She’s had bananas, peas, sweet potato and avocado. Her favorite is definitely sweet potatoes. She makes this adorable “mmm” sound whenever you give her a bite. It’s such a fun new stage, but it also makes me feel like she’s growing up so fast!

Happy half birthday, sweet girl!

Oh and we’re going to need a new monthly button since this one suffered from a large bite out of it!




3 responses to “half birthdays

  1. Clare

    What a happy girl!

  2. Jessica

    I’m with Isla, sweet potatoes are MMM!

  3. Liane Buechler

    What a sweet girl! She’s getting a little tummy on her, so cute!

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