mini kitchen remodel: part 1

We’ve been talking about doing something to update our kitchen since we moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago. At first we had grand plans of redoing the floor plan, new cabinets, counters, floors- the works. We’ve decided we’d rather save the money and spend it on our next home, but we do need to do some updating in our 1961 built kitchen.

The plan for our mini remodel is: new counters, tile (most likely) flooring, new stove top (ours is straight up from 1961), paint the current cabinets, paint the aqua wall that never turned out to be what I was hoping for. We’re also toying with the idea of tearing out a few of our upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving. If anyone has any thoughts on the open shelving, I’d love to hear them.

I’m planning on putting together and inspiration board once we have our specific plan finished, but for now I’ll share a few photos that are serving as inspiration.


7 responses to “mini kitchen remodel: part 1

  1. Clare

    It would be so relaxing to enter a kitchen that looked like these! I like open cabinets, because I think it helps me keep thing more organized. I also like the look of regular cabinets too though, so you can’t go wrong.

  2. All your beautiful dishes will look great in open cabinents! Just like your shelves in Isla’s birth announcement. Just so long you have enough closed space for all the “non-pretty” kitchen things like kiddy snacks, crisco, soy sauce, ect. I had open cabinents with my roommate, I had to convince her that pretty and neat dishes were on display and messy packages were hidden, haha.

  3. Big fan of the open cabinets! I love seeing my stuff. I use it more that way! Have you checked out YoungHouseLove? Lots of fun ideas over there. They are in the middle of a kitchen remodel right now and are also trying open shelving.

  4. Kevin Buechler

    I like the “idea” of open cabinets but I think that it is difficult to keep them looking like those in the pictures. You just need places to put things that aren’t always “pretty” as jml816 correctly points out.

    Perhaps a combination of open and closed cabinets like in the last photo. Just your Dad’s two cents worth but I do have a lot of experience from watching HGTV and remodeling our own kitchen. The pictures in your blog look great!


  5. andy dale

    Only thing with tile countertops is the grout – its porous nature – that is. Same thing can be said with granite and marble. To keep it up you have to constantly seal it. Also, if you put tile down, I can’t just show up and throw fish down on the counter and pack it up for you guys! Formica – a newer style with maybe an oak reveal at the lip? Cleans easy, not too worried about slamming down dishes and glassware on it (thinking John Michael’s tendencies to be rough on things, hah) and is a lot less expensive. Gluing it down is a pain though, but so is tiling and grouting (I just redid my bathroom down here in Tucson, should I send a few pictures?)

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  7. rachelmarie4384

    Dale, Don’t worry, we’re not planning on doing tile countertops for the reasons you cited. We definitely want to make sure you can come over and throw fish down on our countertops at any time. 🙂 I would love to see pictures of your bathroom, send them to me! 🙂

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