Steppin’ Out Saturday: dinner and dessert

You guys are probably thinking that we don’t get out much since we’re always home on Steppin’ Out Saturday, but the truth is, we are part of a babysitting co-op that takes place Friday night, so that’s when we have our date nights. We get dressed up, we go out to dinner or do something equally date-like. If SOS is about getting yourself together and wearing a cute outfit I should post about our Friday nights, but then again it’s called Steppin’ Out Saturday, so…

We had a great day yesterday. The weather was relatively nice. BJ and I each got to do something for our selves and we also spent time together as a family. A recipe for success, I tell you.

I spent the morning at the Girls on the Run 5k. Since I wasn’t able to coach this Fall I was a running buddy with my old team. It was fun to see them, their moms said it meant a lot that I came and my running buddy Maddy ran the fastest I’ve ever seen her run. It was so much fun. If you’re a runner (or not even) but you have a heart for cultivating a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle for girls I highly encourage you to look into a program in your area. I have participated in some capacity for a couple years now and have loved it.

BJ went shooting after my run and I worked on drafting a pattern (I know, it’s true) for a pencil skirt. I’ll share the DIY and finished project if it happens to be a success.

The real exciting part of our day happened around dinner time. Sometimes when we can’t think of what to have for dinner we try to decide what we’d have if we were going to go out and then make that. We started talking about one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, the Icon Grill, and their ice cream sundae. If you’ve visited me in Seattle you’ve probably been with me to have the epic Icon ice cream sundae. I had it to celebrate my graduation from college and our engagement. It was one of my pregnancy wishes to visit Icon and have that sundae for dinner. (which we never got around to doing, so I’ll have to get pregnant again to fulfill that wish)

Anyway, we decided to make it for dessert last night, since it was one of the only things that sounded good to me. As with any place you know has an a-MAH-zing dessert you eat lightly for dinner, so we ate wedge salads for dinner. They were especially good because we made our own dressing, but the real piece de resistance was our dessert.

OK, so here’s what we did for our sundae..we did NOT mess around…Tillamook vanilla ice cream, we made Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for hot fudge sauce, M&Ms (Icon uses mini M&Ms but we couldn’t find them), freshly whipped cream, slivered almonds, and baked up a tuile bowl for it all to live in. None of these items took us very long to make from scratch and I know they were so much better than what we could have bought at the store.

Assembling the goodness. (do you love the matching grey sweatshirt and grey comfy pants?)

The most magical part is the cone of hot fudge.

And then this happens. (sorry this video is kind of dark)

Happy weekend!


4 responses to “Steppin’ Out Saturday: dinner and dessert

  1. BJ

    Thank you for the great weekend!

  2. Liane Buechler

    Yummmy!!!! I have had one of those sundaes with you at the Icon grill, as I recall, we had that instead of supper! No need for even a wedge salad in my book.



  3. When we get back to the Pacific Northwest, I will GLADLY accompany you to Icon for a sundae 🙂 You are making my mouth water right now!!!!

  4. rachelmarie4384

    Yay! Cait! I can’t wait until you come back. We’ll celebrate by going to Icon! 🙂 Also, you MUST meet my baby!

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