our weekend: home sweet home

Since we haven’t been “stepping out” on too many Saturdays lately, I thought I’d start my own little weekend series called, “Our Weekend,” creative title, I know. I think it’s fun to see what people have been up to during their weekend hours and I hope you’ll enjoy a little snippet from our lives.

We spent the weekend close to home since we’ve been gone for the last few weeks. It was nice, quiet and cozy, just the way a weekend in January should be.

I went on a run. A rainy run. It was cold but glorious.

We worked on the yard, pulling out tons of old veggie plants, pruning our grapes, and trying to get our backyard under control. (Something we maybe should have done 2 months ago.) When my husband goes to town in the backyard there’s always some type of plant casualty. It usually involves a tree or some bush that live(d) in the middle of the yard and that was always in the way of the lawn mower. Yesterday was no exception.

I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe that comes straight from the First Lutheran Church of Sauk Centre, Minnesota cookbook. If you don’t have a Midwestern church cookbook in your collection, I highly recommend getting one. I open this cookbook when I’m looking for one of those “remember when Grandma used to make” recipes. These cookies are soft and chewy and you can leave your mixer on the whole time while you add the ingredients. They’re my go-to cookie.

For dinner we made this delicious Hot and Sour soup and fresh rolls. I love fresh rolls.

The little one and I are headed out to a baby shower for a dear friend this afternoon and I’m sure there will be lots of football watching while I’m gone.

Happy weekend to everyone. I hope you stayed warm and feel rested and renewed for the week ahead!



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