the cutest snow angel

It has been a snowy week here in Washington. The snow is so beautiful but all of our activities for the week were cancelled and Isla and I have a bit of cabin fever. BJ only worked a half day today so we spent the afternoon celebrating the snowy goodness.

We bundled up and took a walk to a neighborhood cafe. Our stroller rocked it in the snow. I think I should send this to BumbleRide for marketing purposes. 🙂

We played a little Scrabble Scramble and had some lunch.

On our way home we made snow angels in the front yard. The tiny one was my favorite. Obviously.

Our snow angel family

Happy snow day (x4) y’all!



6 responses to “the cutest snow angel

  1. adorbs, sounds like the best day ever!

  2. Clare

    It does sound like a great day! I love Isla’s snow gear and she looks as serious as BJ playing scrabble scramble 🙂

  3. Jessica

    I’m glad Isla had some snow for her first winter since MN let her down over the holidays!

  4. Dad - GeePaw

    What a great time! Making snow angels takes me back to when we did that with you, Mark, and Amy. I miss the snow but not the cold weather. It’s raining in Charlotte today and 50 degrees. Thanks for putting up the great post!

  5. That’s a good looking hat, B-J.

  6. BJ

    Thank you Sir!

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