our weekend: cabin fever cure

BJ knew I was sick of being stuck at home all week because of the snow but I don’t think he realized the magnitude of my cabin fever until I started rearranging all of the furniture in our bedroom on Saturday morning. So we got out of the house.

I ran Downtown and he and Little I took a walk in the stroller down there and met me. We looked in a few of the shops, tried on some shoes (gross, I know, since I was just on a run), and had lunch. His goal was to stay out so long that I would be excited to go back home in the afternoon. I would say he was successful, but I did finish rearranging the furniture and cleaning underneath our bed once we made it home.

Split pea soup and grilled paninis for dinner and then we watched Super 8. Have you guys seen that yet? It’s actually pretty good. It’s mostly family friendly, aside from a scary-ish alien.

We’ve spent today watching football. (Who’s looking forward to the football break next week? This girl.) Now we’re headed to watch the second game with the in-laws.

Oh, and also, I’ve spent all weekend having to eat these cinnamon rolls that I made in my snowed-in state. Bummer, right?

Happy weekend!


2 responses to “our weekend: cabin fever cure

  1. Cailin

    Grandma Phyllis’ recipe, please! Id love to make some of her delicious rolls 🙂

  2. Mom, Grandma

    It looks like you did a great job! Wish I could have some!

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