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I have started a new business venture, The Party Collective. I sell Bash Box, a color based party kit, as well as other delightful party goods. Please check out my new website and blog, as well as my Etsy shop.

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valentine’s party

I hosted a little Valentine’s Day party for some of my mom friends and their kiddos on Valentine’s Day. It’s amazing how much work you can put into a party and then all of it comes apart 5 minutes after everyone has walked in the door, but it’s so rewarding to see everyone enjoy themselves. The aftermath wasn’t too bad either- my floor was full of broken up animal crackers, there were toys everywhere and the only casualty was Isla’s dollar store piggy bank. (my house isn’t completely baby-proofed yet since Isla just started crawling, but I’m going to get on that immediately!)

I served a light brunch including, Byerly’s recipe for Eggs Baked with Leeks and Sun Dried Tomatoes, this is a great recipe as it can be made the night before and baked just before guests arrive. I made Macrina Bakery’s Rocket Muffins and fresh strawberries. For dessert we had Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies and a pink ombre cake. I also had animal crackers and Cheerios for the kiddos to munch on.

Here’s my little cake.

and the surprise inside. Next time I’ll double the cake batter recipe so the layers are taller.

I filled paper lunch bags with a few Valentine’s Day treats. I made the girls heart headbands and the boys bow ties out of leftover felt from Isla’s Halloween costume. I also gave each kiddo a small bag of animal crackers and a container of bubbles.

I spruced up the mantle with my heart garland and some pink roses.

Here’s the best shot of my smallest guests wearing their headbands and bow ties. Pretty cute, huh?

PS: Sorry for the mix of camera and iPhone photos, some photos turned out better on my iPhone. 🙂

kitchen remodel comments

Thanks for all the feedback and ideas on the first edition of our Mini Kitchen Remodel post. Just to answer a few of your ideas and thoughts…

We wouldn’t take out all of the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving, just the ones starting at the sink and ending at the refrigerator. These cabinets hold our glassware, plates and bowls, so we don’t have to worry about finding a new place for our ugly kitchen stuff like spices, baking items, etc. I’m most concerned about keeping the shelves clean and not dusty. Here’s a little visual for you guys (sorry, it looks a little blurry to me).

We would take out the dinky little shelves near the window and above the sink and the next two cabinets over. We would probably extend the open shelving to over the refrigerator.

For the countertops we’re going to go with a laminate, purely for cost saving purposes. I happen to love the most expensive and unpractical countertop materials like marble, so we’re going to save some money here and maybe upgrade for our next home.

The tile will be for the flooring. We’re planning on installing the countertops and tile ourselves- thank goodness I have a handy husband. I think we’re making some progress on our upgrades. I’m so excited, it’s going to look SO different in here!

Thanks for all of the feedback on our plans, I love to collaborate on design ideas. Stay tuned for an inspiration board soon!

fall favorites

I love summer and warm weather, but for some reason my love for Fall has really grown this year. I love the changing leaves, trips to apple orchards and pumpkin patches, Honeycrisp apples, Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, chunky knits and boots…so much coziness I can’t even handle it!

I’ve fully embraced the season this year by making applesauce, (I think we have enough to last us until next Fall)

Baking an Apple Galette

Glitterizing pumpkins (when glitterizing ALWAYS use Martha Stewart glitter, you won’t be disappointed)

Making homemade Pumpkin Spice Lattes using my trusty milk frother. (don’t leave home without it) This tasted just like a PSL at Starbucks…no joke.

And my latest adventure of making Pumpkin Butter solely so I could make these paninis. (recipe found via Tastespotting…again)

Although my heart has been loving Fall I’m starting to churn some Christmas ideas around in my head. Is this the end to dear Fall? I’ll keep you updated.

What are some of your favorite activities this season?

happy halloween!

So I realize this is the day AFTER Halloween, but I did want to share a few details on Isla’s Halloween costume. It was a lot of fun to make, super easy and cost effective.

I was inspired by this costume which I found while scouring Pinterest.


This costume was based off this Martha Stewart pattern, so I went back to Martha’s pattern and followed it while adding my own little modifications.

I printed off the pattern at 300% to fit her petite 6 month old frame. The largest wing was still pretty large for her so I only ended up using 3 layers of wing (instead of 4). Instead of the pilot cap I made a headband using the ear pieces and added feathers to them. I was a little worried they would look like cat ears without the feathers. I also skipped the goggles. There was so way I was going to get this wiggly little lady to wear something over her eyes all night.

I spent a total of $7 on this costume, including the cost of having the pattern pieces printed at Kinko’s, and I have TONS of leftover felt for anyone else who would also like a pair of owl wings. 🙂

We spent our Halloween at our church’s Trunk or Treat event. I wanted to get a few good photos of her in her costume, but she wasn’t too excited about our backdrop. She immediately got this face…

There was something about that pumpkin.

She hated it. 

30 seconds later. She’s completely fine.

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