Steve and Jamie: Published

Congrats to our friends Jamie and Steve Moore! Their wedding was just published in the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. You might remember me talking about their wedding here. Well, the “real” photos can finally be shared! Be sure to take a peek at this gorgeous fete, it is absolutely breathtaking, Michele M. Waite captured their day perfectly and of course, Steve and Jamie did an amazing job creating their dream day. Better yet, Steve and Jamie are a perfect match, you can tell that married life suits them perfectly. Congratulations guys!



strike a pose

I have this friend, Bec, who designs and sews amazing couture wedding dresses. She just launched her first line, Rebecca Cairelli, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Her designs are fresh, flirty and romantic with a little bit of sass that the modern bride is looking for. Her craftsmanship is amazing and the fabrics are to die for. Did I mention she’s been working on all of this while being a mama to 2 little girls, one that’s Isla’s age?

Bec was shooting photos for her website just before Christmas and she asked me if I would help model some of the dresses along with our friend Imani and a “real” model, Ari. It was such an honor to help her out. I had so much fun playing dress up, wearing fake eyelashes and a double-decker top knot. It made me want to get married all over again- and I think I’d choose to wear the Anisa.

You can check out her website for more photos of our shoot. (Thanks to Sergio Mottola for being such an awesome photographer!)

If you’re getting married, I highly recommend checking out her line, Rebecca Cairelli. She only has a few dresses so far, but she will take on a custom design if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for.

And, of course, congratulations Bec, I’m so proud of you!

old school

My good friend Jessica finally had the last of the disposable cameras developed from her wedding over 4 years ago. It was fun to see a couple old photos taken before BJ and I were married. We had just gotten engaged about a month before.

Hanging with my parents.

My dad and I

There’s something so fun about the mystery of a digital-less camera. You might even end up with something like this…

I have no idea what was going on here. I do know we were wasting the rest of the pictures on the camera at Jessica and Brandon’s Deer Friends party. Love it.

Steppin’ Out Saturday: Moore Wedding

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Steppin’ Out Saturday, I just decided the photos I had from Saturday weren’t link worthy. I meant to get a really great photo of my ensemble that I wore to Steve and Jamie’s wedding, but it just didn’t happen. It’s hard to get out of the house with a baby, y’all!

The wedding was beautiful, as was expected, it was so fun to see another couple move into marital bliss with the rest of us. Seriously, being married is one of the most fun things about my life. I love it. I know long after Isla (and whatever kiddos we are blessed with) leave us BJ will still be there with me all old and wrinkly.

Anyway, I’m not going to blab too much about this wedding but I’ll share a few photos from the evening. I didn’t manage to capture half of the details, but I did get a few good photos. (sorry for the massive photo post!)

All dressed up and ready to go.

Some of my girlfriends outside the ceremony. This is the best picture I got of my dress, which Steve made for me.

My view from my seat at the ceremony. The ceremony and reception was out at a private residence near Lynden.

It was a perfect fall day but it was chilly out there, luckily they had hand warmers, pashminas and hot cider to keep everyone warm.

The adorable flower girls, times 7. Aren’t those dresses adorable? There are 12 layers of tulle in the skirts.

Jamie’s grand entrance. Steve made her dress after the first dress she ordered came in 5 inches too short. No joke. She looks amazing, though, right?

And the back view.

Our little family photo.

The tables had loaves of bread on them personalized with the couple’s monagram or their wedding date. Don’t worry, I tried it, it was real bread, but clearly for decoration. 🙂 

The desserts and lounge area.

This was the view from my seat. The flowers were very neutral, lots of candles, baby’s breath in mass quantities, vintage silver trays, layered tulle tablecloths, ghost chairs (I die for ghost chairs), tons of macarons (a dozen per guest as a favor), the details were endless and perfectly Jamie and Steve’s style.

For the grand finale everyone came outside the barn and let off these lanterns as a goodbye. I don’t know if you guys have seen the movie Tangled, but it was exactly like the movie. It was a very magical goodbye.

I can’t wait to see the “real” photos which were captured by Michele M. Waite (who else?!), I know they’ll capture the feel of the day much better than mine ever could. I’ll be sure to post a link to her feature as soon as I see it.

a lingerie shower for Jamie

There is quite a big event coming up this weekend. It’s the wedding of my good friends Jamie and Steve. I am privileged enough to have worked for Steve at Steven Moore Designs for almost 4 years. Jamie and I went to college together and since she’s moved up to Bellingham have become friends. I love these two and am so happy for them.

I was lucky enough to co-host a little lingerie shower for the bride a few weeks ago. Using her favorite color purple and the lingerie theme, I put together a shower for Jamie. I love to celebrate the guest of honor and to make her feel extra bride-y without cheesy games or decor. Since it’s sometimes hard to find inspiration for a non-cheesy shower I thought I would share a few of my ideas.

Custom invitations set the tone for the whole soiree. I am not a graphic designer, but it’s so easy and fairly cost effective to make your own invites. I found this adorable paper from a local craft store and used it as an envelope liner. It was Jamie’s favorite color and had a vintage, girly theme so it was perfect. I used craft paper envelopes from Paper Zone and lace from JoAnn’s as a belly band to hold the whole package together. I also printed Jamie’s sizes on a separate card so a guest could take it with her when she went shopping.

I always try to incorporate a few special details reflecting the guest of honor. In this case, Jamie loves pie so I made these Pies in a Jar for a favor. They were inspired by this post I found via Pinterest. I packaged them up with a simple label and a raffia bow.

Serve wine or a signature cocktail. This shower was in the afternoon so I decided I’d serve wine to give it a happy hour feel. Wine can also be a good ice breaker and allow people to relax a little if the group doesn’t know each other very well.

I covered my island with a purple fabric and used a sheet of the envelope liner paper for a runner. I have the luxury of borrowing serving items from Steve’s inventory, but I would encourage you to choose serving dishes that coordinate with the look you’re going for. It makes everything a little more cohesive and allows the food to serve as the decor. Not to mention, it covers up the ugly green countertops that live in my kitchen.

Simplify your food. I used to make these recipes for my parties that had hung out in the “something I have always wanted to make” file near my cookbooks. Usually these recipes are expensive and take tons of time to make. I have now learned (especially since I’ve had a baby) that it’s best to simplify the food. Make sure everything tastes good, but not everything needs to be extra laborious. For this shower I did a cheese plate with 3 kinds of cheese- at least one hard and one soft- along with crackers and grapes. I made Caramelized Onion and Apple Mini Tarts (so so easy) and Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. For dessert my co-host Bec brought a homemade chocolate raspberry cake and chocolate covered strawberries. These recipes were all easy, seasonal and tasted delicious.

I like for guests to mix and mingle for a while, especially if everyone knows each other fairly well, but I did plan one game for this group. I asked Steve a few questions earlier in the week and videoed his responses. At the shower I asked Jamie the same questions, had her answer them and then played Steve’s video responses. It turned out to be really fun. Steve had the best responses and it was a fun way to celebrate their relationship without having him actually there. Plus, I asked him to give Jamie a special message at the end of the video and it was so sweet.

After our video game, we opened presents. One last thing I love to do is to give the guest of honor a set of thank you notes that are already stamped and addressed. It makes thank you note writing to much easier, and in a season where the bride is writing so many thank you notes any help is much appreciated.

Jamie got THE best lingerie, everything was so cute and perfectly reflected her personality.

A few photos of the guests.

Congrats again to Jamie and Steve. I can’t wait to share the details from their wedding this weekend. It’s going to be extra beautiful since it’s designed by the ultimate wedding designer! 🙂

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