diy: headbands

I’m sure all of you have seen the adorable headbands and clips that are showing up in stores like Anthropologie, Gap, H&M, Old Navy, Nordstrom…well pretty much everywhere.  Every time I see them and their cuteness I think, “I could make that” and pass up on the opportunity to purchase one.  Well, this past weekend I finally got around to making some headbands with a few of my girlfriends.

I have to give Hannah credit for perfecting the flower creating method.  Have I mentioned that girl is a master at seeing something and figuring out how to re-create it in your own home?

Here’s the “Rose is a Rose” headband from Anthropologie…

Here’s our version in black, white and yellow.  We made a bunch of variations with this flower type, you can stick them on a clip, bobby pin, etc. the possibilities are endless!

I have to share a photo of Gina wearing each one of her creations at once (and then some additional fake flowers).

I just want to say, this project takes absolutely no skill, it’s super easy and cheap to do.  So gather some of your girlfriends and start creating!


grandmother clock

Doilies are a little bit Grandma but they’re also totally back in style for fun kitschy decor.  I love these doily clocks by Andfurthermore, an Etsy shop in Portland.  Now that I am going to have bright colors on my walls one of these would look great, and for about $30 you can’t go wrong. 

doily clock aqua

doily clock close

doily clock yellow

clutch this!

I love purses.  I can be seen around town carrying a huge tote bag that fits my basics (wallet, planner, keys, lip gloss, cell) but can handle the occasional laptop (I have a tiny computer) and my groceries when I forget my cloth grocery bags. On a night out I love to leave my baggage (pardon the pun) at home and reach for one of my clutches to carry everything I need. I think it’s time to update my collection with one of these… (top to bottom: from, and




Good thing my birthday is coming up soon… 🙂

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