hi and mini bathroom upgrade

Hi all! How are you guys? I thought August was going to be our busy month, but somehow September turned out to be just as crazy. So, here we are, already in October, feeling Fall in full force, and enjoying every minute of our little life.

We just got back from a lovely trip to my homeland, Minnesota, to see two of my high school friends get hitched. Isla experienced her first plane ride and met so many people she easily tripled her amount of friends in just 6 days. I’ll post more about our trip soon.

I realize I’m behind posting Isla’s 5 month photo, which is ridiculous since she’s almost 6 months! Yeesh, how did that happen. You guys, she’s so hilarious these days I can’t even imagine where she’s going to be in another 6 months or even a year! I need to explore a good way to post videos over here because she is full of cuteness I’d love to share with you all.

I also hosted two showers for dear friends this month, so stay tuned for details on those, but for now I had to share a mini bathroom makeover that my mom and I took on when she visited at the beginning of August.

Our bathroom was the only room in our house that I hadn’t touched at all. It had this terrible green paint on every surface- the walls, ceiling, trim, everything! It also had the original 1961 pink toilet, which we replaced earlier this year (see happy new toilet photo below) and pink sink in the vanity, which we still have yet to replace.

I had a hard time with this space because I wasn’t in love with the tile in the shower area which was relatively new. It is a grey-ish, brown with some small clay red and glass tile detail. I couldn’t figure out what color to put with the current tile that would fit with the rest of our house.

Here’s what we were working with…

I thought I would probably be able to do yellow in some capacity in there, so we set out for paint and a shower curtain. We found some great graphic fabric for a shower curtain at a local fabric store and then moved on to pick paint colors. This deemed to be more of a challenge than anticipated. Four paint samples later and an equal amount of trips to our paint store, we settled on Benjamin Moore’s Wilmington Tan for the walls. The trim was painted Benjamin Moore’s Super White to match the rest of the trim in our house.¬†We replaced the old medicine cabinet with a mirror from Martha Stewart’s line for Home Depot. This small detail made the bathroom feel so much larger. We picked up a new golden rug and chocolate brown towels to freshen up our linens. I still need to work on some small details, like possible artwork and some bathroom accessories, but I’m waiting to run into the perfect finishing touches.

Here are a few photos of our mini reno. Thanks, Mom for all of your help, it would have taken me weeks to do this much work without you!

I’m still battling with the vanity in here. Not sure if we should replace the whole thing, the counter and sink only, or if this mini update is “good enough.” If anyone has ideas of a low cost but good looking solution I’d love to hear it.

Here’s a gratuitous photo of the little one, just because…

I hope to be posting more in October as my workload has slowed dramatically. Can’t wait to share more of our happenings. Happy October!

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