sweet and salty

A few weeks ago I took a cake baking class with my friend Megan. The class was taught by the amazingly talented Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt. If you haven’t ever read her blog I highly encourage you to check it out. Her photos and recipes are fabulous and she has these adorable little boys (and another one on the way) that are too cute for words.

Anyway…back to the cake class….we had a lot of fun learning recipes and techniques from a real pro pastry chef. We ate so much cake we practically rolled out of there. We totally pretended to take some of our unfinished goodies home to finish later but definitely ate them in the car on the way home. Ha. 🙂 Megan has a full recap of the class on her blog, so check that out here.

One of the recipes we learned was Stir and Dump Chocolate Cupcakes with a Salted Caramel Buttercream. It was probably my favorite thing I ate that night, so I had to make them in my own kitchen and share them with my friends.

They’re a little putzy to make, mostly because you make the cake (super easy) but you also have to make the caramel for the buttercream and the pudding for the filling as well as the buttercream itself. Totally worth it, though. I made all of the components one night and the frosting the next day. Here are a few photos from my adventure in cupcake baking…


st. patty’s day celebration

It keeps driving me nuts that the crazy photo of the chickens is at the top of my blog when you log on, so I decided it was time for another post. 🙂

Even though neither of us are Irish we do like to celebrate, so we held a little St. Patrick’s Day celebration at our house last weekend.  I made a few traditional Irish menu items including my first corned beef and cabbage, two loaves of soda bread (one white, one wheat) and homemade Irish Cream. Hannah brought over some fabulous Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Irish Cream Frosting for dessert. BJ made black and tans and served lots of Guinness.

It was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who came to celebrate!

Irish Soda Bread

Festive decor by BJ.


The copper hog guarding the booze.

Black and Tan

Me and my Black and Tan.

Chocolate Stout Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache and Irish Cream Frosting

Irish Car Bombs, first of the night.


Gamers in action. It was a relay where you had to carry a gold coin in your knees and drop it in the bucket. Congrats to the Lynden girls who won!.

First and second place with their prizes.

soooper cute

To pass the time this evening I was scoping out Etsy for some new fun inspirations and treats.  Here are a few of my faves:

WHIMSY Love Vintage Button Ring of the Month Club: I mean, can you get any cuter, if I were having a bummer of a day and I got one of these vintage button rings in the mail I know I’d instantly perk up.  How fun for a birthday gift for the friend who has everything. 

ring club

These teeny tiny candleholders from the Lollipop Workshop make me smile…well…because they’re tiny people looking candleholders. When I get a kid I should maybe invest in some of these, how fun! The Lollipop Shop also makes custom cake toppers which I couldn’t find for my own wedding (this was before I knew about Etsy).

cute candleholders

Keeping with the cute, colorful, cupcake-y theme I have going on here I ran into these Cupcake Stands from Michelle Miller’s Shop.  They’d also be perfect for ice cream, a portion of trail mix or even jewelry. I could go for one in each color. 

cupcake stands

I love pops of bright colors and my house is in serious need of that right now as I don’t have any artwork up yet. I also happen to love typography and just thought one of these posters might be a fun addition to our walls:

la la love you

This one from Jenny’s Bake Shop matches our “Keep Calm and Rock On” poster from The Poster List.  For some reason the cupcake options sounds really great too. 

keep calm cupcake

I should get back to my husband and pay more attention to the movie!! I hope you enjoyed my finds!

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