vancouver usa half marathon

Last weekend I finished my second half marathon! You might remember running a half marathon was on my 2012 Goal List, well I’m happy to say I conquered every one of those 13.1 miles. It had been a long week including a little encounter with the stomach flu, a cross country airplane trip with my 14 month old and only one day to recover before heading down to the race, but I still made it. (And so did Isla, which is also amazing.) My goal was to run in under 2 hours and I came in at 1:57, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Here I am before the race! Ready to run!

All done, posing with half my cheering section.

For those of you who have known me for a while, you may be surprised to see me love running so much. (Let’s just say that gym class was my least favorite part of the school day.) I absolutely love running. I have a great running partner, so the miles go by quickly, and I feel so strong and empowered after a big run. I also hope to be an inspiration to Isla showing health, strength and confidence.

Lastly, thanks to my husband for being so supportive and encouraging when I doubted myself. 🙂


Steppin’ out Saturday: party on

Sometimes I still can’t believe I have a kid and husband of my own. I still feel like I’m 22, except better, I suppose. Anyway, this weekend was one of those weekends where I was reminded exactly how old I’m getting (in a good way). Our Friday and Saturday night plans consisted of birthday parties…for toddlers?! How did that happen?

On Friday night we celebrated Bec’s daughter’s 3rd Birthday with an ice cream party. It was so fun to see all of the little ones running around hopped up on sugar. Bec did a great job decorating, it looked so cute in there. And she made these delicious cookie dough balls (egg free), for anyone who loves cookie dough ice cream you’d understand how excited I was. I must get the recipe. And here’s a shout out to Steve for the cake.

These two love each other. Isla always watches what Nora’s doing in amazement.

BJ built the top for our kitchen table last week (did you know he was building us a kitchen table?). He spent the weekend sanding it and then it’s off to be painted and stained. I’m so excited to have a larger table. I see many more dinner parties in our future.

I found some cute new kicks for Isla at Value Village. They were only $.99 and with a little cleaning from a Magic Eraser they look brand new. They kind of remind me of the Bensimon shoes, so I thought I’d snag them, they’ll be fun for Spring.

We hit up Katheryn’s first birthday party (her mom and dad are in our small group) on Saturday night. There was a small ball pit which all the kids loved, but Isla hated, I mean hated. So, no ball pits at her birthday party.

I thought I’d link up with Steppin’ Out Saturday this week as I was pretty stoked about my $12 colored denim purchase and I remembered to take a quick photo. My top half looks a lot bigger than my bottom half. Must be the angle! 🙂

{top} H&M {jeans} Target {Shoes} Target

There was also a run, some jeans shopping (the new Gap colored jeans are absolutely adorable), and a very crabby kiddo by the time Sunday night came around. Hope you enjoy the randomness from my weekend!

our weekend:

Hi guys! How was your weekend? I’m a little late posting this week. Little I is getting her first tooth so she was a little fussy yesterday, poor girl.

Friday night we had a date night. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out just the two of us. The great thing about our little babysitting co-op is it starts at 5:00, so we can always hit up a happy hour. $15 bottle of wine and cheese plate, yes please.

I always hem and haw over my runs on Saturday morning. I don’t know why, I really love to run and I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I am finished. This Saturday was no different. Just as I was getting dressed, it started to rain/hail, but BJ didn’t let me talk myself out of getting out there and running, and I’m so glad. It was glorious.

We spent the afternoon looking at finishes for our kitchen, still working on making some final choices. (I know, get on with it already!) BJ kicked off his brewing season on Saturday night with a pale ale. Fresh brew at our house in about a week!

This little one worked on feeding herself, but mostly made a mess.

We took a little trip to Ikea on Sunday. The main thing we wanted to get was a high chair for the little one so she doesn’t have to sit on our (tiny) table in the Bumbo anymore. We were successful in getting the high chair, which she loves, but now we realized we need a dog.

Not going to happen…the dog that is.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!



our weekend: cabin fever cure

BJ knew I was sick of being stuck at home all week because of the snow but I don’t think he realized the magnitude of my cabin fever until I started rearranging all of the furniture in our bedroom on Saturday morning. So we got out of the house.

I ran Downtown and he and Little I took a walk in the stroller down there and met me. We looked in a few of the shops, tried on some shoes (gross, I know, since I was just on a run), and had lunch. His goal was to stay out so long that I would be excited to go back home in the afternoon. I would say he was successful, but I did finish rearranging the furniture and cleaning underneath our bed once we made it home.

Split pea soup and grilled paninis for dinner and then we watched Super 8. Have you guys seen that yet? It’s actually pretty good. It’s mostly family friendly, aside from a scary-ish alien.

We’ve spent today watching football. (Who’s looking forward to the football break next week? This girl.) Now we’re headed to watch the second game with the in-laws.

Oh, and also, I’ve spent all weekend having to eat these cinnamon rolls that I made in my snowed-in state. Bummer, right?

Happy weekend!


our weekend: friends and treats

Our weekend was full of dinner with friends and fun yummy treats. And there was also the miracle of snow…which is still here and more is coming!

We had a Progressive Dinner with our church small group on Saturday night. It was a lot of fun to get together with everyone without our kiddos. We made 3 stops for 3 different courses- appetizers, main course and dessert. We hosted the last portion of the evening with a small ice cream parlour and games. More on that later this week.

We had a bunch of egg yolks from the dessert I made so BJ decided to make us Eggs Benedict on Sunday morning. Yum! (whenever I see photos of my kitchen it makes me cringe, I cannot WAIT to start the remodel!)

Then on Sunday afternoon I made these Buffalo Chicken Bites as we watched the Packers lose. This recipe was yummy. You can’t go wrong with Buffalo chicken filling in my book, but the dough was especially delicious.

The little one is practicing all kinds of new tricks pulling up on various objects at her level and even letting go. She thinks she’s pretty cool.

We’re snowed in here for the next couple days. We’ll have to think of some creative ideas so we don’t go crazy!

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