To Baby Mamas: Maternity Wardrobe Must Haves

I have so many friends in my life that are soon-to-be mamas, I thought it was only fitting to share my favorite baby and pregnancy related products. This will probably be a multi-part post and I’ll stick a few advice tidbits in there when fitting.

I thought it would be best to start at the beginning with a few tips for building a maternity wardrobe. I believe that you’ll enjoy your pregnant body so much more if you have a few key pieces that make you feel beautiful.

My Maternity Must Haves:

A good pair of jeans. It is worth it to purchase a good pair of jeans that you feel amazing in. Even if they happen to be a little more expensive than you want. Definitely purchase your regular size, do not size up for your growing belly. Maternity clothes are made for mamas, so they should fit you as your bump grows. Also, I would encourage you to choose pants with a waistband below your belly or above the belly, do not buy a pair of paints where the waistband stops in the middle of your belly, it’s a recipe for awkwardness.

A few cute tees. Kind of self-explanatory, I wore them all the time, super easy to throw on and layer under sweaters, cardigans, etc. I liked having a couple with patterns and a couple solid. I also recommend getting a few layering tanks, you’ll want them for post-baby too. I’ll talk more about nursing tanks later, but I almost wish I had gotten one of these when I was still pregnant since they’re made to fit a baby belly and transition into your post-baby wardrobe. The Glamourmom tanks are supposed to be the best and you can find them on sale all the time.

Cute shoes and jewels. They always fit. It’s fun to glam up your outfits. I didn’t want to buy tons of maternity clothes, so accessories were a great way to freshen up an outfit you’ve worn a million times.

The little black dress. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to attend a work event, wedding, dinner or other special event during your pregnancy. It’s worth having a little black dress that you feel comfortable in. Black dresses are so versatile and many times can be dressed up or down. I wore mine to a wedding with glitzy jewels, with a blazer for a work event and with a jean jacket for a casual dinner.

A Pea in the Pod leggings, these things were amazing. I wore them with boots and also flats. They are SO comfortable and soft. Don’t let the price tag deter you, they’re worth every penny.

This sweatshirt tunic from Target was one of my favorites towards the end of my pregnancy. I’m always a fan of sweatshirts that aren’t blatantly “sweatshirts.” This one has a cowl neck, a kangaroo pocket and rouched sides. Pair this with those Pea in the Pod leggings and you’ll feel like you’re walking around in your jammies all day long.

Belts can help define your bump when you’re lacking in the waist department. I bought a few super cheap shirts in larger sizes and used a belt to make them a bit more flattering. Belly bumps always seem to look cuter when they’re given a little emphasis.

Best store for maternity clothing: Hands down Cute styles. Great prices. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price. It was hard for me to find maternity clothes that fit me but ASOS had it. Not to mention, free shipping and free return shipping. You can’t go wrong. One note is that it takes about 10-14 days to get your package, so plan in advance and order early.

A few other favorite maternity shops: The always easy Gap, Topshop, A Pea in the Pod and Target. Always Target.

Don’t be afraid of the non-maternity sections of your favorite stores. I still wore cardigans, some button up tops and even a sweater from non-maternity stores. I also purchased a few billowy tops from Forever 21. I wore them with a belt at the beginning of my pregnancy and then lost the belt as my belly grew. I didn’t care if they got stretched out since they weren’t very expensive.

There you go! I hope this is a helpful little series for all of you Mamas-to-Be. Let me know if you have questions or suggestions for this series.

Oh, and, Congratulations on your little bundles! 🙂


Random Baby Post

I can’t decide how much I’ve wanted to write about my pregnancy because sometimes I think people tend to share a little too much information via their blog, but since I have so many friends and family that live out of town I thought it would be fun to share some periodic updates. So here goes…

Tomorrow is our big ultrasound (I’m 19 weeks now) where we find out what we’re having as well as make sure everything is growing and healthy. I’m really looking forward to our appointment and might end up going shopping afterwards! I haven’t bought anything for the baby yet, since we’ve been waiting to find out what we’re having.

We’re going to share the gender of the baby with everyone after we share with our families on Thanksgiving. It’s going to be very hard to wait a week with such fun information!

I’ve been feeling the baby move a little bit inside. It’s a really funny feeling. S/he likes to move around in the afternoons and evenings when I’m lying down relaxing. I suppose this is going to get worse the bigger s/he gets.

I’ve been feeling great lately. Not completely normal but definitely not sick anymore. I still tend to fall asleep early and sleep in late but I have a lot more energy than I did in the 1st trimester.

I’ve been taking prenatal yoga since I was about 10 weeks and it’s been really great. I highly recommend it to anyone who is pregnant. I am keeping myself loose and learning about the best positions for a healthy pregnancy, labor and for moving the baby into the right position as it gets closer to the end. It’s been really fun to meet the other moms in the class and watch everyone’s growing bellies.

I’m not showing that much, I have to tell people I’m pregnant, but most of my old pants are too small and maternity pants are too big. Talk about awkward body shape! I’m guessing this won’t be changing (and might get worse) for the next 4-5 months. 🙂

I’m planning on doing some baby room inspiration boards on the blog so look for those in the coming days.

I would love to take any votes on the gender of our baby, so definitely leave a comment with your prediction! I will state mine here and now- if you didn’t already know- I’m thinking GIRL. Stay tuned for the final word! 🙂

OK, sorry for all of the blabbing and few photos, just thought I would share what’s been going on lately. Thanks for all of the love, little presents and cards. Our baby is so loved already!

Here we are looking like responsible parents.

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