a lingerie shower for Jamie

There is quite a big event coming up this weekend. It’s the wedding of my good friends Jamie and Steve. I am privileged enough to have worked for Steve at Steven Moore Designs for almost 4 years. Jamie and I went to college together and since she’s moved up to Bellingham have become friends. I love these two and am so happy for them.

I was lucky enough to co-host a little lingerie shower for the bride a few weeks ago. Using her favorite color purple and the lingerie theme, I put together a shower for Jamie. I love to celebrate the guest of honor and to make her feel extra bride-y without cheesy games or decor. Since it’s sometimes hard to find inspiration for a non-cheesy shower I thought I would share a few of my ideas.

Custom invitations set the tone for the whole soiree. I am not a graphic designer, but it’s so easy and fairly cost effective to make your own invites. I found this adorable paper from a local craft store and used it as an envelope liner. It was Jamie’s favorite color and had a vintage, girly theme so it was perfect. I used craft paper envelopes from Paper Zone and lace from JoAnn’s as a belly band to hold the whole package together. I also printed Jamie’s sizes on a separate card so a guest could take it with her when she went shopping.

I always try to incorporate a few special details reflecting the guest of honor. In this case, Jamie loves pie so I made these Pies in a Jar for a favor. They were inspired by this post I found via Pinterest. I packaged them up with a simple label and a raffia bow.

Serve wine or a signature cocktail. This shower was in the afternoon so I decided I’d serve wine to give it a happy hour feel. Wine can also be a good ice breaker and allow people to relax a little if the group doesn’t know each other very well.

I covered my island with a purple fabric and used a sheet of the envelope liner paper for a runner. I have the luxury of borrowing serving items from Steve’s inventory, but I would encourage you to choose serving dishes that coordinate with the look you’re going for. It makes everything a little more cohesive and allows the food to serve as the decor. Not to mention, it covers up the ugly green countertops that live in my kitchen.

Simplify your food. I used to make these recipes for my parties that had hung out in the “something I have always wanted to make” file near my cookbooks. Usually these recipes are expensive and take tons of time to make. I have now learned (especially since I’ve had a baby) that it’s best to simplify the food. Make sure everything tastes good, but not everything needs to be extra laborious. For this shower I did a cheese plate with 3 kinds of cheese- at least one hard and one soft- along with crackers and grapes. I made Caramelized Onion and Apple Mini Tarts (so so easy) and Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus. For dessert my co-host Bec brought a homemade chocolate raspberry cake and chocolate covered strawberries. These recipes were all easy, seasonal and tasted delicious.

I like for guests to mix and mingle for a while, especially if everyone knows each other fairly well, but I did plan one game for this group. I asked Steve a few questions earlier in the week and videoed his responses. At the shower I asked Jamie the same questions, had her answer them and then played Steve’s video responses. It turned out to be really fun. Steve had the best responses and it was a fun way to celebrate their relationship without having him actually there. Plus, I asked him to give Jamie a special message at the end of the video and it was so sweet.

After our video game, we opened presents. One last thing I love to do is to give the guest of honor a set of thank you notes that are already stamped and addressed. It makes thank you note writing to much easier, and in a season where the bride is writing so many thank you notes any help is much appreciated.

Jamie got THE best lingerie, everything was so cute and perfectly reflected her personality.

A few photos of the guests.

Congrats again to Jamie and Steve. I can’t wait to share the details from their wedding this weekend. It’s going to be extra beautiful since it’s designed by the ultimate wedding designer! 🙂

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