Steppin’ out Saturday: party on

Sometimes I still can’t believe I have a kid and husband of my own. I still feel like I’m 22, except better, I suppose. Anyway, this weekend was one of those weekends where I was reminded exactly how old I’m getting (in a good way). Our Friday and Saturday night plans consisted of birthday parties…for toddlers?! How did that happen?

On Friday night we celebrated Bec’s daughter’s 3rd Birthday with an ice cream party. It was so fun to see all of the little ones running around hopped up on sugar. Bec did a great job decorating, it looked so cute in there. And she made these delicious cookie dough balls (egg free), for anyone who loves cookie dough ice cream you’d understand how excited I was. I must get the recipe. And here’s a shout out to Steve for the cake.

These two love each other. Isla always watches what Nora’s doing in amazement.

BJ built the top for our kitchen table last week (did you know he was building us a kitchen table?). He spent the weekend sanding it and then it’s off to be painted and stained. I’m so excited to have a larger table. I see many more dinner parties in our future.

I found some cute new kicks for Isla at Value Village. They were only $.99 and with a little cleaning from a Magic Eraser they look brand new. They kind of remind me of the Bensimon shoes, so I thought I’d snag them, they’ll be fun for Spring.

We hit up Katheryn’s first birthday party (her mom and dad are in our small group) on Saturday night. There was a small ball pit which all the kids loved, but Isla hated, I mean hated. So, no ball pits at her birthday party.

I thought I’d link up with Steppin’ Out Saturday this week as I was pretty stoked about my $12 colored denim purchase and I remembered to take a quick photo. My top half looks a lot bigger than my bottom half. Must be the angle! 🙂

{top} H&M {jeans} Target {Shoes} Target

There was also a run, some jeans shopping (the new Gap colored jeans are absolutely adorable), and a very crabby kiddo by the time Sunday night came around. Hope you enjoy the randomness from my weekend!


Steppin’ Out Saturday: dinner and dessert

You guys are probably thinking that we don’t get out much since we’re always home on Steppin’ Out Saturday, but the truth is, we are part of a babysitting co-op that takes place Friday night, so that’s when we have our date nights. We get dressed up, we go out to dinner or do something equally date-like. If SOS is about getting yourself together and wearing a cute outfit I should post about our Friday nights, but then again it’s called Steppin’ Out Saturday, so…

We had a great day yesterday. The weather was relatively nice. BJ and I each got to do something for our selves and we also spent time together as a family. A recipe for success, I tell you.

I spent the morning at the Girls on the Run 5k. Since I wasn’t able to coach this Fall I was a running buddy with my old team. It was fun to see them, their moms said it meant a lot that I came and my running buddy Maddy ran the fastest I’ve ever seen her run. It was so much fun. If you’re a runner (or not even) but you have a heart for cultivating a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle for girls I highly encourage you to look into a program in your area. I have participated in some capacity for a couple years now and have loved it.

BJ went shooting after my run and I worked on drafting a pattern (I know, it’s true) for a pencil skirt. I’ll share the DIY and finished project if it happens to be a success.

The real exciting part of our day happened around dinner time. Sometimes when we can’t think of what to have for dinner we try to decide what we’d have if we were going to go out and then make that. We started talking about one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, the Icon Grill, and their ice cream sundae. If you’ve visited me in Seattle you’ve probably been with me to have the epic Icon ice cream sundae. I had it to celebrate my graduation from college and our engagement. It was one of my pregnancy wishes to visit Icon and have that sundae for dinner. (which we never got around to doing, so I’ll have to get pregnant again to fulfill that wish)

Anyway, we decided to make it for dessert last night, since it was one of the only things that sounded good to me. As with any place you know has an a-MAH-zing dessert you eat lightly for dinner, so we ate wedge salads for dinner. They were especially good because we made our own dressing, but the real piece de resistance was our dessert.

OK, so here’s what we did for our sundae..we did NOT mess around…Tillamook vanilla ice cream, we made Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for hot fudge sauce, M&Ms (Icon uses mini M&Ms but we couldn’t find them), freshly whipped cream, slivered almonds, and baked up a tuile bowl for it all to live in. None of these items took us very long to make from scratch and I know they were so much better than what we could have bought at the store.

Assembling the goodness. (do you love the matching grey sweatshirt and grey comfy pants?)

The most magical part is the cone of hot fudge.

And then this happens. (sorry this video is kind of dark)

Happy weekend!

Steppin’ Out Saturday: Christmas Tree Hunt

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your days off and are spending quality time with family and friends. We had a great Thanksgiving with BJ’s family. We had some of the best turkey we’ve ever eaten and my pumpkin pie contribution turned out to be the best pie I’ve baked so far.

This weekend we set out to our favorite tree farm, Alpine Meadows, to hunt for our Christmas tree. I highly recommend getting your tree from a tree farm. Cutting down your own Christmas tree is so much more gratifying than going to a fenced in parking lot, pointing at a tree and bringing it home. Plus, your tree is so much fresher and hasn’t spent days wrapped up. Anyway…

This is a fun little family tradition for us. It was a beautiful day outside, so that made it even better. First we stopped for some holiday beverages. Eggnog latte for him and Peppermint Mocha (Christmas in a cup) for her.

It’s very rare that you need your sunglasses on a November morning in Washington. 🙂

Hunting for a tree

This is the one that came home with us.

The truck BJ is driving right now only has 2 seats. Good thing my Honda could step in and haul our tree home.

On the way home we always stop by this crazy store and get some fancy cheeses and smoked meats. This store has a little bit of everything, just take a look at the sign out front.

For those of you who were wondering…Fall is officially out of my system and Christmas is here! Stay tuned for a post on this year’s Christmas decor!

Steppin’ Out Saturday: Fun with BFFs

It was such a busy weekend around our house. My best friend since 8th grade came to visit us from San Francisco. We had lots of fun crafting, shopping in Seattle, hanging out with friends at a Thanksgiving dinner, Glee karaoke-ing and lots of wine drinking. Here are a few photos from our weekend.

After a day of shopping in Seattle we came home and made margherita pizza and played Glee Karaoke on the Wii.


BJ and I during one of our Glee Karaoke “Defying Gravity” battles.

Angeli and I met in Home Ec when we were in 8th grade, so it was only fitting that we channeled our 8th grade selves and did a bit of sewing.

We made Angeli 12 napkins. They turned out super cute.
We also made friendship bracelets using this tutorial.

We had lunch at Zayda Buddy’s, a Minnesota pizza restaurant in Ballard, for lunch on Angeli’s way out of town. I’m not totally sure what Minnesota pizza is but I do know it is cut in squares instead of pie shaped pieces. Zayda Buddy’s has lots of Minnesota memorabilia and Midwest favorite foods including Tater Tot hot dish.

I have one more craft to share with you from this weekend, but I plan on doing a full DIY on it soon.

I am so lucky to have friends that will come and visit me and my crazy little family. I know Isla was able to serve as some good birth control, so consider that mission accomplished. 🙂

Thanks for hanging out Angeli, it was so fun to spend some time together!


Steppin’ Out Saturday: I don’t know if we’ll have time

We’re a little late with Steppin’ Out Saturday this week, but yesterday I had THE crabbiest kid living at my house, which meant there wasn’t any time for blogging. I did, however, clean out my fridge. Did you know how much more appetizing your food looks when it’s sitting in a clean fridge? It’s a miracle, I tell you!

Anyway…back to Steppin’ Out Saturday…I’m not going to lie, we didn’t do anything fancy Saturday night, but we did go to Home Depot (hence, the Old School reference as the title) as we’re planning a mini kitchen remodel that will take place hopefully sometime early next year. We got an estimate for new counters which is super exciting! I can’t wait to share the progress on that project with you guys.

Earlier in the day we took a walk downtown where we ran into BJ’s parents and had them take a couple Christmas card photos of us. Don’t worry, I didn’t spoil your Christmas card from us, this was one of the options I didn’t go with.

I also managed to Skype in on a wreath making party my best friends in Minnesota were having. I know, I’m a nerd.

Here’s my wreath, I might add a few more items later, but the baby was hungry, so duty called. I used Emily over at Jones Design Company’s tutorial to make the ruffle flowers.

Other than that, we just hung out at home and played with our girl. She just started doing this tip over back arch thing. I guess it’s really fun to see the world upside down.

In a totally unrelated note, it’s Election Day, which is extra important to our family this year. BJ’s dad, Jack, is running for Whatcom County Executive. Having a family member running for office has made me think a lot more about how important it is to vote. So for all of you who haven’t voted, get out there. For the 7 of you that read my blog and actually live in Whatcom County, please turn in your ballots and make sure to vote for Jack! If you’re interested, here’s Jack’s website.

Hope everyone is having a great start to your week! Happy 2nd week of November! 🙂

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